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  1. I got it, it turned out it was my sound drivers, I completely uninstalled the sound drivers then re-installed them. Everything working GREAT now. Thanks so much for your help
  2. Thanks, i'm going to check it out, but i dont think its the problem, my internal audio does not show up, but i will check anyway. This happens no matter what i load, any midi will play at about 40 bpm's to fast. I really hope i can solve this. Windows 7 works so much better then 10
  3. I had to reinstall cakewalk, and ever since, when i load a midi file it plays back very very fast, this does this with all midi files. The tempo will read 120 and it will play at almost 175 bpm's. Everything worked fine before, I had to buy a new hard drive and reinstall everything. Everything else is working fine. The only thing that has changed is that i went from Windows 10 back to Windows 7. Any ideas?
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