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  1. Woh.... it sounds like you saved the project without any plugins loaded without a backup? My suggestions was to trouible shoot. Whenever troubleshooting a porject, you always want to save it as a new name so you have a backup of the poriginal... If so, no way to get them back unless you manually insert them. That sucks man... but I have done this before. You can revive it. Just buckle down and get in there man. Sorry to hear about this. Lance
  2. The fact that it is in certain areas tells me that a plugin may be causing it. Maybe you have a demo plugin in the project? Have you tried holding down shift when loading the project and saying no to all plugins and then trying to record to see if the glitch is gone?
  3. Confirmed still today. I just purchased he latest version of Antares Auto-Tune EFX+ and the VST3 version crashes the latest CAKEWALK still. The VST2 version works fine. Auto-Tune Pro 9 VST3 also works fine. It is just the EFX+ VST3 version of Auto-Tune that causes a crash when loaded.
  4. This thread might help. i looked it up because you had me curious. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Setting-Project-endpoint-m2626135.aspx Looks like you: On the Track view, pull the Drop Down for Options, and select Stop at Project End. Playback will stop at the end of the last track (+ any time you have in global preferences for playing tails). Caveat: If there's any automation writing or muted tracks this setting is sometimes ignores this setting completely... Some say it's a bug, others say it's a feature.
  5. Scook, I changed the lens to something other than none and it brought the inspector back! Thank you! Lance
  6. Thank you for the quick replies! Scook: Lens was at none. Thank you for that suggestion! Mark: I can drag a project file from the media browser into a new project instead of copying and setting all softsynths/tracks/settings up separately? If so, that is SICK! Lance
  7. Hi There Cakewalk Fam, So I have a project in which I cannot find the Track Inspector/Pro Channel. It is not in a skylight section and not floating elsewhere. When I hit "I" on the keyboard, the top menu (file, edit, Insert, etc.) goes lighter, and when I hit "I" again, the top menu letters go darker again so something is happening but the Inspector is nowhere to be found. Any ideas/experience with this situation? It's worth mentioning that I did build this project from a template that was created on SONAR PLATINUM (the latest version) before the new CAKEWALK by Bandlab came out so that could maybe be a factor. Thank you in advance. Lance
  8. I would like to let everyone know that we are working on a new Crazy Town X record and it is being done in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Al lot of people may not know that Shifty Shellshock of Crazy Town's solo record, Happy Love Sick, was done in SONAR as well. I am a producer ont he project and am in charge of making sure all the vocals are as desired. I have toured with Shifty to many countries in for Happy Love Sick which was released on Maverick/Warner records and we also had a project together in the past under the band name "Chery Lane" as well that was also done in SONAR. I will be sure to let yall know when stuff is out so you can check it out! Thank you Bandlab for keeping Cakewalk going! Lance Jones aka Pony Boy
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