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  1. Thanks Pete for the explanation. Hopefully it will make it into the Windows build.
  2. Wow coming from you, Alex that is praise. Glad it is working so well for you.
  3. hmmm if the DAW fanboy stikes back did he use a light saber????????????????????
  4. friendly bump so interested parties can see it
  5. Looks like we will have a lot more with the old forum being frozen Jan 16th. Welcome aboard all new comers and old geezers like me
  6. I can see why they would do it, but they should of announced the support ending for GPO4 while they have a sale on GPO5 IMHO. P.S. I have GPO5😀
  7. Brings back memories of being in dance bars in the late 80's. Thanks man for having me realize how old I am
  8. announced but not launched yet☹
  9. If I looked good in yellow I'd wear them🤣 Seriously though the family was watching 13 reasons last night and the stuff on the program (in line with the book according to my wife) was really WOW an eye opener. I don't think a little undie joke is that bad. Oh and to clarify, I have two teenage daughters who were like dad we hear and see worse in high school. Kids are always on their phones with appropriate material. I took it in good humor.
  10. Thanks Larry as usual for the heads-up
  11. kvraudio forums, gearslutz forums mainly for the music computer forums.
  12. I purchased long time ago to. Still like the pianos in a mix environment. Not so much for solo piano though. Wish it would get some love, but it doesn't look like it will happen.
  13. I loved when the two Ronnies were on PBS.
  14. Oh and I voted yes too. Would love to see a software and hardware section brought back too!
  15. Wish I had a suggestion for you. Offering my sympathy as I know when your software and computer don't get along it stinks.
  16. I have had to delete the picture cache several times and as Jim said the files will be recreated as needed.
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