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  1. Bernie is going to be looking for those😁
  2. I thought the gearslutz thread has some good name ideasπŸ˜†
  3. If you shake while holding one of the rackets then yes it most likely is Elvis's 😏
  4. So you have been talking to yourself while you write this stuff down? You are either a genius or crazy.
  5. Coming from a Bass player. So typical 😜
  6. I don't have long enough hair to play any of those instruments
  7. I don't have long enough hair to play the Keytar πŸ˜†
  8. Well with how well Opie Directs this edition will go at a premium!
  9. Only interview him? It is okay Bill we know the reason why and it is okay. It is legal in most States now
  10. I guy having a guitar strapped around him = cool. Having a Keytar straped around you = Nerd. So reading my last sentence, I really should have a stash of Keytars to play
  11. Thanks Ed for helping me practice my writing skills.
  12. I hear learning Grammar helps get the ladies without gr******* Nevermind 😏
  13. By your title I can see that you haven't had time to take those English Grammar classes at the community college πŸ˜†
  14. Only Polit******** so we can't talk about it
  15. Well then I think you are more likely to be pounding away sir. Is this wrong. I can't say as some like to have a good pounding..... Don't worry I already got my coat for the last sentence.
  16. Have to admit I browsed the new NAMM link while using the Lavatory. Was it wrong. Is this too much information to share in the Coffee House? Can you tell I'm bored this morning 😜
  17. Depends. Are you using a Mouse, stylus, or a track-ball. How do you expect me to take you seriously if you don't provide all the information. πŸ˜†
  18. @Brian Walton you are going to keep me busy
  19. Wow that site has a lot. I guess I've been in a closet. Didn't know there was so much out there in brushes.
  20. Tell me about it. I have been watching more of the designer videos to start with
  21. Thought I was the only one about MS Publisher. I also have an Office 365 subscription too. Now I have to decide if I should spent on some extra brushes. The lightning and chalk ones look tempting.
  22. My wife had to go in early this morning for work and I was up so I ended watching a few more videos on the software. Have to say from what I have been watching I'm impressed. Hope to do a little project this weekend with it. Wish me luck
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