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  1. Hey football games are on today. Don't distract me.I have to watch two games I could care less about 😏
  2. Prayers for your safe return our CHDG ( Coffee House Deal Guru )
  3. But we don't want him to catch cold when our King returns back to Detroit! 😜
  4. One last time: Have a wonderful time and I hope all your packing is finished
  5. If he took his guitar the cruise ship would put him to work 😏
  6. King please remember to wear your cloths πŸ˜†
  7. But the Blue Pill..................................................nevermind
  8. That is my take on this Rhodes too. I mike consider it if I could get it at a nice sale. But I already have enough to choose from.
  9. Should we start a fund so he can buy some cheeseburgers πŸ”
  10. Enjoy your cruise. Would love to see pictures if you're so inclined to share with us. Stay safe my forum friend.
  11. This place is wonderful to find all sorts of useful tidbits πŸ˜ƒ
  12. As Kermit would say YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!
  13. What instrument do you attempt to play
  14. The new AM5 chips will have some nice 65W chips soon to choose from. Plus they seem to overclock to decent amount with still not going crazy on wattage.
  15. This is my place too to wind down, have some fun and am thankful for the banter we share back and forth. Long live the CH!
  16. Maybe we should have the name changed from the Coffee House to the Silly Society of weird musicians Hope you're doing okay craigb, One of my best friends growing up had a stoke a couple years ago and has had a rough ride recovering.
  17. Now if Organic Chem was this much fun
  18. Sorry you got hit like that. We miss your sunshine videos Always brings a smile to my face with all your enthusiasm
  19. Oh my the marketing disaster that could be πŸ˜‰
  20. Man Reid the stars are against you! 😝
  21. Maybe, maybe not 😏
  22. Now what outfits will they make for the dolls? πŸ€ͺ
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