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  1. Sounds (puns intended) like a very Sound plan
  2. @Fwrend I brought it and no it only buys you in at the $149.99 level FYI.
  3. And here I might go for another dip 🤫
  4. Why are you talking about such personal things 😆
  5. How did you need that many buy-ins?
  6. You are not being very nice Peter!
  7. I double dipped myself. Would like to see it get 20+ 😃
  8. i'm leaning myself to get the ARC 3 software and get a MEMS mic like you suggested for the holidays. As far as Sampletank Stuff goes I like the Alan Parson Grand myself. At the rate this is going I could buy in at a really cheap level of $49.99 for and pretty much have it all. 🤔
  9. I cod of been referring to something..
  10. @jsg Thanks for sharing your story. I'm for one glad you picked music instead of being a doctor
  11. But the Wizard was not a Wizard. It is all in our hands. So go ahead and click that buy button
  12. Please don't bring in the "new math" I don't won't to go through that again. It was not a good experience when my children had it. I was like WTFudge
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