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  1. It is nice to see them doing videos. Thumbs up to them.
  2. Hope everyone here is hunkering down and is safe. Peace
  3. What ever you do don't spill any of the special sauce on your tracks. It is a secret sauce and control-Z doesn't get rid of it. Also those sesame seeds like to hide in the FX-Bins and crunch when you least expect.
  4. I need 1,000,000, more plug-in and then my mix will be satisfactory! πŸ˜†
  5. For the Men or the Women. Remember you only get one Vote. Nevermind I know which way you're going to vote Bill πŸ˜‚
  6. I tend to agree with you. I'm finding less is more.
  7. How about a nice game of chess
  8. I have to have a look at this. Thanks Larry for the heads-up
  9. Anyone have any suggestions on a good quality Monitor arm?
  10. I'm look for a new monitor myself. At the moment I'm using 1-2 22" monitors.
  11. Really Ed you remember that far back πŸ˜†
  12. So you have been analyzing us all this time Mike. Don't try and figure me out, you only have a few years left. Enjoy your retirement
  13. I at one time watched quite a few of the news broadcast and wrote down some notes about each. It was an exercise for myself. My brain hurt after a couple of weeks. Actually my Brain really hurt! πŸ˜† Interesting to say how each of the broadcasts are so slanted one way. Now I try to listen to PBS and BBC because I have some relatives in England. I had a great history professor who told the class: "remember all the news casts are opinions of the news" He was trying to get across that as individuals you need to watch a variety and read from multiple sources to help with ones own bias. It is easy to listen or watch the point of view that you agree with.
  14. Stop an Ed, Never going to happen πŸ˜†
  15. You are giving us too much credit about our EpicnessπŸ˜†
  16. Are the glasses really only filled with water.......................🀨
  17. I like it. Amazing what you can do with real instruments
  18. I remember the saying like this one from Stats class way back in the day! Statistics are biased towards one side β€œAs long as the errors remain one-sided, it is not easy to attribute them to bungling or accident.” Nobody uses statistics to disprove themselves. That is, statistics are used to serve a cause or agenda that someone believe ins, rather than disprove that cause or agenda. So when people err in their use of statistics or make intentional mistakes, the errors will always be in one direction (the direction of their beliefs and agenda). So instead of getting an unbiased look at the world, we’re getting a biased look of the world that other people want us to see. This is a dangerous world to live in if you don’t recognize this reality about how people use data. I remember the professor I had told us to use the numbers in off the wall cases and present to class as small groups. It was an interesting exercise and actually comical. To bad this was way before smartphones and youtube etc. Would of been great to get some recording of the Bull Sh*t we were saying twisting the numbers.
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