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  1. Just messing with U 😎
  2. Come on Larry this was updated last week. You're slipping
  3. and you haven't grown back your hair either πŸ˜†
  4. Ha, first I have to get an updated phone. But I think this is going to be great!
  5. Great! I was hoping this was going to come.
  6. Man how do you all carry Bucks around with you. They are not very light I got my coat
  7. So he is not to go anywhere and just hover😏
  8. He is our Alexa but for Cakewalk answers Thanks scook
  9. Now don't laugh at me. I have an old Windows phone that I'm going to be replacing with Android. Does anyone have any suggestions for a decent model that won't cost a fortune but will be able to run bandlab app on it.
  10. Nice that Bandlab's (Meng) vision for how CbB fits into the puzzle is starting to show itself. Yay! Oh and thanks Cakewalk and Meng for making this great DAW live-on.
  11. By the way it is going, I think we will all need more then the 2-shots I got my first shot 6 days ago. So I'm at not on edge as much. Also I have a scheduled appointment for my second dose. My wife is happy that I got the Pfizer one. As a nurse she says that one seems to have the least amount of side-effects.
  12. Now you're asking too much. Plus you don't want to lose your job to a young whipper snapper do you Mark?
  13. Brings back days of how bad we sounded in elementary school choir. I need a drink now. Thanks Lar
  14. Okay I have to ask. What type of cookie are you talking about?
  15. Don't do it as you will be wasting time will all your sound choices and never get anything done. I know first hand
  16. My pure nature has sheltered me from ^ πŸ˜†
  17. The new Muppet Movie? If that is the case then it is okay
  18. That too would be nice. My daughters say how many of the kids in High School don't know how to do basic research. Funny I don't blame the teachers as I blame more of the parents that didn't install learning in their children. We never gave our daughters the answers but would give little clues at times to lead them. I remember my younger one would get so pissed at me. My older daughter would tell her I told you dad wasn't going to give you the answer right away. She learned quickly that it was her responsibility to make a valid attempt at the work assigned. My younger daughter actually thanked me this past January for not giving into her and forcing her to buckle down. My wife and I told them we don't expect A's but we do expect them to do the best to there abilities.
  19. Now remember this drive is for music software not ******
  20. I have spent more time in Affinity software learning how to do stuff and I barely touched the tip of the iceberg as they say. Will I give up heck no as this software is great. The same way I feel about CbB. Of course I have been using Sonar and now CbB for a long long time I do think that every Junior High school student should now have to pass a basic course in coding in say Python. Just so they have an idea of what goes into programming an application. It would be good for them. I did some programming a long time ago and realized it was not for me but I still learned a great deal. I have to deal with the public and you are so right if they don't get an answer in 2 seconds they get upset πŸ˜†
  21. I keep wondering is Apple new chip that great or is it partly because of TSMC 5nm process. Looking forward to how AMD next Ryzen mobile will perform on 5nm process from TSMC. We might finally get a X86 laptop with 20 hours of run-time and powerful too!
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