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  1. Yes I realize that, there are more references to the issue other than those 2, it's just that Grem's reference to James(Sharke's) issues gave me a reference to search, otherwise finding the other references to the issue would be more difficult, and I just couldn't be bothered. The 'only additional information' was to show that there are indeed others with the issue, as you seem to be saying that the only person with the issue was the dude that done the video, which is simply not true, and seeing as you yourself had the issue . . . well, although you found a way around it with a workaround, in true Cakewalk fashion, the issue still remains. I don't understand your reticence to search out references on the old forums, because remember they were still functioning as THE forum almost 1 year after Bandlab took over, this forum has only been up for what 4 months or so?, so it's not like the old forum is 100% SONAR, but as John Lennon said 'Whatever gets you through the night, it's alright, it's alright" I had the issue myself way back mainly with OVERLOUD's TH2 and DDMF's IIEQPro, they would continually loose themselves. One thing you will note if you checked out some of the references from the old forums, is that it only happened in Cakewalk/SONAR, it would never happen in any other DAW the people used, I also found that myself, only in SONAR. Anyway, it's no skin off my nose if the issue never gets sorted, I jumped ship 4+ years ago, just here for the deals and the giggles.
  2. The one I was talking about which refers to James, aka Sharke from the old forums, and shows others have had the issue. It's been happening for a long time and never fixed. It may not affect everyone, or even most, but it affects enough to be a 'real' issue and not just make believe. But like I said, there is more if you care to look.
  3. If memory serves me correct, if you do a search for posts here by user Grem, he made a post in a thread in which he mentioned that there was a user by the name of James (Real name), but he couldn't remember what handle he used, he was in fact talking about Sharke, I think the mention was to do with this issue, if you find that I believe it will give you one instance of what you are looking for(I may be wrong), but there are others.
  4. I don't need to show you, I know for a fact what I have read, I have no need to prove anything to anyone. Just as you don't wish to search the old forums, I also don't wish to search these forums for things that may well be included in somewhat unrelated threads.
  5. Do a search on the old Cakewalk forums for threads and posts by user 'Sharke' you will soon see that the OP (and Sharke) are not alone. Possible reason for no one in this thread seeing the same thing may well be that those who previously had the issue have moved on to another DAW, as Sharke himself did. Having said that you can find other instances here on these forums of people encountering the issue, I have read them myself. [Edit} "you will soon see that the OP" . . . or more correctly the dude from the video
  6. Yeah I always do the whole disk. Well my problems are over for now, with the help of memtest86 I tracked down the offending stick of RAM, remove that and all is good, except until I can find another matching stick or buy another 4x8GB matching sticks I have to run with 24GB (16GB@Dual Channel and 8 Single) or 16GB Dual Channel, either of which should be no problem, but you know my OCD wants it to be 32GB Dual Channel like it has always been. Anyway, for now no more of those weird and wonderful errors . . . yah
  7. Things may well have changed, but many years back I got a lot of wasted time and space from non usable backup images from clonezilla, since switching to Acronis TI I have a perfect record with backup images (at least those I''ve had to use), and have great confidence using A/TI. ymmv
  8. To the OP, with regards to the 'Missing Device' error (Whatever it's wording) sometimes when that happens it also says that it couldn't load or read or whatever certain Windows files, one was winload.dll or .whatever on the system drive, which I thought was odd, because I didn't think it would be reading or loading anything from Windows so early in the boot process, but anyway that is what it was saying. So the 'device' it is referring to isn't necessarily a hardware device as it orriginally sounded to me. So I started thinking that it maybe a faulty hard drive or RAM causing stuff to not be able to be accessed or read. Anyway I kept trying stuff, I swapped out the system drive for a new one, same thing, all versions of Win 10 I tried eventually crashed with a blue screen of some description, so for giggles I installed the latest Ubuntu, it also rebooted itself mid flight, so I thought in my case I could rule out Windows as the offender, as it also happened in Linux. So I downloaded memtest86 and started testing the RAM, sure enough there were a lot of errors, the builtin memory test thing in Windows wouldn't even complete the extended test, it would at some point lock up. So today I'll start going through the 4 RAM sticks and see if I can pinpoint the offender/s, I guess it could also be something to do with the slots/motherboard, probably less likely, but I'll go through the RAM first. Anyway as said, it seems the missing device thing isn't necessarily talking about missing hardware, but some software file, albeit perhaps caused by flaky hardware. At least I was able to get it to boot when it wouldn't boot from DVD unlike in your case,.
  9. If you can mount the ISO in Windows or access the install media via USB (Doesn't work when booting from a Win 10 DVD) you get the option of reinstalling and keeping you data and apps ect, it's different to refreshing, I've never done it, but that's what it says it does. If you mount the ISO, then click the setup.exe inside, you'll get to the place where it asks what to do, it definitely says it will keep your apps, I just never followed through. With regards to the not booting from a disk, I just had this, depending of course on your Bios, in my case there are 2 places that seemed to have an effect on boot device, one was the Boot priority, which WAS set to boot from cd/dvd first, the other seemed to be 'Boot Override' on the Save and Exit page, now when for what ever reason, last night it wouldn't boot from DVD even though under boot priorities that is what was selected, I stumbled on to the Boot override thing and there rwas an entry that had 'Windows something in it at the top, anyway, if you clicked on the DVD in the list it would immediately boot from that, which of course got me to boot from the DVD, it's all a bit blurry now, as I was up until 4.30 AM trying to figure out why certain things were happening, I'm still at it, I have decided to bite the bullet and reinstall everything from scratch, and use that to trim the fat a bit, not so many plugins, and nothing not needed, it will take a LONG time, days, a week maybe, there's a lot of stuff to install and set up, but at the end it should all be worth it. I'm going with v 1709 of Windows 10 and staying there for a while. Never had an issue with Windows 10 up until now since it was released, but something has come unstuck, strange errors similar to and including the one you mention, just strangeness really. I had fairly recent backups of all drives, but a fresh install might be the best, plus as I said an excuse to trim the fat, if it runs as good and as fast and stable as the last install has for all this time, I'll be happy with that. Mine previous install was an inplace upgrade to by the way. oh, and that Windows whatever entry in the Boot Override section is no longer there, and still booting fine from DVD, fun stuff . . . not
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