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  1. I was thinking something like ACID PRO that have a beatmapper widzard to find the BPM and set the start point and the leght of the measure and then i can slow or rise up the BPM and have the track in Syncro with all the other tracks
  2. Hi CJ, i'm feeling like a beginner 😁😁 but where i find AUDIO SNAP ? If i press CTL&ALT key but appear the "Scissors" icon tool … 🤔
  3. Hi Craig, yes i understood what you mean ( why i have don't thinked for myself? seems a good solution) but what about "CbB's ability" ? what's that ?
  4. Hi, I have some acappella voice of some songs… i'd like to know which is the best way to find the real BPM and to place the audio track in my project to get it in Syncro with my song. And how about to change the BPM of the vocal track ?
  5. Hi Bob, no no, i can update Bandlab ! My Cakewalk is updated at 2019.03 Build 20 - 64Bit on Win10 After i opened my project like you told me (with Shift pressed) and i've choose only the first 5 plugins (of about 20 in the project) Cakewalk open it without crashing, so i have close the project without save. The next time i forget to open it with Shift pressed but all seems to turn back OK ! I can open the project without problems…
  6. Hi Bob , Many thank you for your answer, in that project i have many VSTi plugins, until now with the first 5 i can open the project without crash, i have to re-open the project until i find the bad one ! i'll let you know which is ;) I think to have only 64-bit plugins but i check also that thing In the screenshot i've made you will find the error i attach here : https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah3m8-J4rpDFgZVnkB1aEVPytlPwwA
  7. When i open some project (not all project) Cakewalk crash ! Any suggest how to solve this ? I've tryied to unistall the last VST installed but nothing change...
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