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  1. Yes, of course, I meant Bob Bone, not Bob Wood. Wood and bone are similar in that a common function of each is to provide a framework for something greater. Though bone also make blood cells. I won't get that wrong again. LNovik
  2. Thanks, SynthManDan. Actually, I DO have a separate computer for music. That is why I tried to simply update this a few weeks ago by getting the Samsung SSD, a little more RAM, and Windows 10--as opposed to getting a whole new computer. You're correct that it's difficult for me to figure out how to disable my anti-virus or Windows Defender, but I will look into this. I'll also go into task manager and see if anything else is running. I don't use Wifi for my computer-just a direct cable connection. I'll figure out how to close my Windows Firewall as well. LNovik
  3. C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\MiniDumps Thanks Robert, that is very clear. However, as I've said, I am not able to find this file. I do go to C:\users\Larry Novik, but then cannot find any folder called "AppData." I then tried it with my original drive--since [ I just got the SSD a couple of days ago, which is now the C drive.] Thus, with my old drive, now called E:, I again go to users\owner, but again no AppData folder. I even went to the Program files folder, where I found a Cakewalk folder--but no appData. I've even searched "AppData" a few weeks ago when someone--perhaps you-mentioned it, but could not find that file. I do realize it should be somewhere, though it escapes me where. I guess I'll try again to search each drive tomorrow nite. I remember when I did this previously, I was able to find some appdata folders or files, but known of them had any "Roaming" folders. Thanks again. LNovik
  4. I now DO have an interesting finding re the whole reason I had started this thread, namely my frequent crashes. I have a bunch of USB's, which I'm sure, is not unusual. I do know that certain USB portals on a computer are faster than others. When I got my most recent crash error, it said: "A fatal error has occurred. Module: c"\program files\scarlett\USB 2.0 audiodriver\scarlet_uac2asio_x64.dll A crash dump file has been created here: First of all, I have never been able to find this appaData crash dump file, but the main reason I am writing this current note is: Since this crash note referenced my Scarlet audio interface, I took some time to look at the connections. I realized that the USB output of the Scarlet was going to my USB hub, which is, of course, a sort of channel strip where I plug in a bunch of USB's, and then connect that hub to a USB port on my computer. I had a thought that perhaps this slowed the transmission from my Scarlett. I should say that after I removed the USB cable from the from USB hub and plugged it directly into a USB port in the front of the computer, I stopped getting any crashes for at least about 40 minutes. Unfortunately--or fortunately-my computer friend just last nite came with my new 500GB Samsung SSD and inc'ed my RAM to the max it can handle, which is 8 GB (it had been 6). He also updated to Windows 10, even though one of the participants, I realize, advised against this. Will see what happens now. LNovik
  5. Thanks, abacab, about the RAM max suggestion. On the other hand, I have heard someone say he is running 16 Kb's of RAM on this computer. Does anyone out there know if anything (BAD) happens if you put in more RAM memory than is suggested--other than wasting some moolah? LNovik
  6. So, Abacab: are you saying that you don't think 4 sticks of 4 RAM each would not work as well as 2 sticks of 8. I'm asking since I think my contact might have already ordered 4 sticks of 4 RAM each. I do have 4 slots. LNovik
  7. Thank you, Mr Bone, so very much for your wonderfully supportive note-not to mention to the others in this thread who have offered suggestions. After first going thru my regular Email, spam, and recently deleted messages, I was finally able to find your personal note at the top of the screen. Who knew? I'm getting on it today, after having spent hours with my hardware computer person yesterday. He strongly rec'ed upgrading to Windows 10, since that will have better support, and is, according to him, faster. I will also being inc'ing my RAM from 6 to either 12 or 16. There are various postings about whether the max my computer (Dell inspiron 580) can hold is 8 or 16 GB of RAM. I'll also get a Samsung 500 GB SSD while I'm at it. However, I fully understand that you are saying that the things I was trying to do in my project should NOT have caused the frequent crashing. I'm getting these hardware updates since, in the past, it seems like when I have recorded audio while listening to other MIDI, the timing would go off. Meaning that by the end of the 1-3 min of recording, the new audio was not synced with my MIDI. However, I too am interested in knowing why I am having this problem with simple MIDI editing, and am concerned that after upgrading, the problem could continue. I'll be writing to you sometime later today. Thanks again for the generosity you show with your time and expertise. LNovik
  8. Thanks, Abacab. This is exactly what I've been afraid of. I should say that when Cakewalk by Bandlab (CbB) kept crashing a lot, I had been doing MIDI editing--thinks like automating volume of tracks. I was also copying some parts of tracks and moving them to later in the track. Just saying that in case it's a hint for my problem. So, I've assembled some "digging" tools. I will be having a computer type person come to the house in a few days. Though I'm pretty sure he does NOT know much about music software, I can at least ask him if anything else is active during the times I am editing in my CbB song. As I might have said, when I closed out Bandlab Asst, there seemed to be less dropouts. I'll prob still get another drive and more RAM. I will also try to locate the Minidumps data; perhaps this will help. I also want to explore again finding out what was said in the past about mixing and editing vs recording. By this I mean, that person had said that for one, turn the buffers up to a certain value, and for another, turn them down. Thanks. LNovik
  9. Hi, Thanks for the minidumps location. I'll get to that soon. I assume I'm supposed to go there after I get thrown out, but I'll look at it first (before I have the chance to be thrown out of Epic.) Sorry abacab, I did not answer your question. Yes, I am using external hardware synths to play all of my tracks. About 8 or 9 of then are just drum tracks, such as bass, snare, etc, so they are all going to a Motif ES. Bass is to a Roland EX35. Sax is to a Korg Kronos, and the rest of about 10 sounds are going to a Roland Integra--which has dedicated effects for each MIDI part/channel. No virtual synths. I do have a few audio tracks so far, so that ends up close to 30. LNovik
  10. Several points. First, I too was recently able to update Cakewalk by Bandlab. Whenever I tried prior to that, I would get a message that I had to install Bandlab asst, However, I had already installed Bandlab asst, and it was opened. I finally re-installed BandLab asst, and was then able to update Cakewalk by Bandlab. This was after I had originally started this thread. 2)I believe I have NO plug in's enable on my current project. There are about 30 MIDI tracks, now that I've counted them, and several audio tracks. I did open the project a few weeks ago in safe mode, and disable any plug ins on the project I was working on. Shortly after that, I saved my project, since it had been crashing alot. I realized shortly after this that I had saved it without plugs in enabled, but that's OK with me for now. So plug-ins is NOT the reason I continue to crash--or at least I think that's the case. 3I must say that when Cakewalk by Bandlab is enabled, I also see that Bandlab asst always seems to be "on." I recently exited out from that (Bandlab Asst), and I seem to be crashing a little less often lately, though it still occurs. 4)As asked by someone, my 6 GB of RAM was original equipment. 5)Noel Berthwick: you asked if I could supply you with my minidump file. When I crash, of course, I am thrown out of Cakewalk by Bandlab, so I can't do anything then. However, if you steered me in the right direction, I would try to find it. Right now, the only place that would occur to me to look for a minidump would be in the toilet! I believe that answers all the outstanding questions. Thanks again for the support. I'm leaning toward an SSD 500 GB drive addition and maybe another bigger hard drive. ALso 16 GB RAM, I would think. LNovik
  11. Actually, I just spoke with a computer guy and he rec'ed just upgrading, so maybe I just will add an SSD and more RAM, such as 16 Gb. Hopefully, that will fix the problem. I don't use the computer for anything else, so the 2 drives should be adequate. LNovik
  12. Thanks for the info. I do realize I'm going to have to update or buy another computer. Does everyone/everyone agree that if I upgraded from an old Intel 5 to a new i7, and got a 1-2 terabyte hard drive and a 500 Gb SSD, that this would be more that adequate for my needs. Since I am not very computer savvy, I think that if I just upgraded components instead of buying a new whole unit now, in 2 years I'd have to update something else. And that's paying someone labor to to that again. Thanks. LNovik
  13. It's a 500GB hard drive. I'm sorry that I can't seem to find out what type of drive it is, though if it's important, I could search on how to find out. It's more full than empty. LNovik
  14. I must have 20-25 t racks, though mostly just MIDI tracks. About 3 or 4 audio tracks. I certainly don't have an SSD, and I'll look to see (not on the computer I'm writing this note on) what kind of hard drive it is. As I had said, most of the audio tracks are on mute. To ask everyone again: I do remember someone saying something on this forum about different setups for either recording or mixing a track. Something about buffers, etc. Perhaps I need to adjust my buffers while adjusting my MIDI tracks. Lately, I had been doing a lot of automations with volume, so perhaps I didn't have the correct buffers set up. However, I do realize that perhaps if my computer were newer, or had more RAM, I might not have to adjust to get the perfect settings. I also guess, Tezza, you are saying that when I get a new computer, I should get one with a good regular hard drive + a SSD. LNovik
  15. I'm the other person who is responding in this thread. I'm the one with the original question. I now have some answers to your questions, though no solutions yet. I believe you were telling me that you could not read my error message--the one that appeared in my note as a link. Th error message I got, line by line, is Cakewalk.exe--application error The instruction at 0x403f76d6 referenced memory at 0xfffffff. The memory could not be read. Click OK to terminate the program That is all of it. I should add that in Dahjah's example, he at least was offered the chance to save his material. As you can see, I am not being offered that option. Regarding updating BandLab, I did just finally figure that part out. I would get an "update failed" message. " Please download and install Bandlab Asst manually." Though I did have BandLab asst already, I re-downloaded it, and was then able to update BandLab Cakewalk. My setup , as requested, is a Dell inspiron 580, with an Intel i5 CPU. 3.2GHz, with 6GB RAM, 64 bit. Running Windows 7 Home premium, service pack1. ANd yes, when I am talking about BandLab, I have been referring to Cakewalk by Bandlab. My audio interface is Focusrite Scarlet, 2i2. I'm not sure if my maintenance is up to date with windows, to be honest. I did update about a year ago. Lastly, I think, since there are a few audio tracks in my project so far, that I will archive them to see if that makes a difference. Of course, later when I start to record tracks, I might run into the same problem. Perhaps I need more RAM? Also, re-reading your questions, I wouldn't know if I was overclocking if it were hitting me in the head. Re 32 bit plug ins,, as I said, I have not added them to my project. In fact, I saved the song and realized afterward that I saved it without any plug-ins. SO, I definitely don't have plug-in's in this project anymore--at least none that show when I open the project in safe mode, as you had described. Thanks for your patience. LNovik
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