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  1. Nice topic...this is exactly what I have been talking about somewhere before being referred to this thread🙌
  2. Yeah! I know about this but it doesn't function like cubase and other daws I have used. It's supposed to increase or decrease the waveform in a visual way. I believe there can be an improvement on this. ....and also Cakewalk can improve and make deleting of clips, duplicating of clips, highlighting of notes and more about editor in general. There is this ease in cubase which I believe is a big boost. I was with cubase for over 15 years now but I like Cakewalk and their efforts in providing features I seek most. Just wishing they could work more on the editor. I am not ready to leave Cakewalk for anything but all these I feel should be looked into. Maybe if a more clearer explanation of the features I'm looking at is needed i will explain further with screenshots or video clips👍👍👍👍❤️
  3. Hi friends... sorry am new here and wish to make a feature request. I was a cubase user until I discovered sonar. I am happy most of the features on cubase I have transferred them to my sonar and they work exactly the same in terms of shortcuts I already know before in cubase. Now my request is that Cakewalk should find a way to allow us increase the gain of individual clips by just hovering on a particular clip and drawing it up or down just like in cubase. This will make my work faster and many others will also like it. Another thing is while in cubase I only need to click "control D" and a clip will be duplicated to as many as I want but I don't see that feature yet in Cakewalk. These are two things if Incorporated will enhance my workflow. Thanks
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