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  1. That's weird as never had to turn the keyboard icon on before but it did the trick! Many thanks! That might resolve an ongoing issue I've had with omnisphere for ages! Wonder why Guitar Rig 6 turns the active window off and all other plugins are fine..
  2. I'm having issue that I have only noticed today. I cannot use the search dialogue box in Guitar Rig 6. Cakewalk doesn't recognize that my cursor is in this box. So if I type 'I' the Inspector closes. Pres 'r' in the box and it starts to record...you get the picture. Question is, is this a bug with Cakewalk or Native Instruments? Just upgraded to the very latest version...
  3. thanks, what ive seen to-date is videos with other DAWs routing out to Voicemeter and into OBS (or Logitech Capture) but if this can be resolved without the use of third party software then great...
  4. Have you checked the VST Scan Paths or maybe move the folders by accident?
  5. I have finally acquired a Logitech Webcam for Christmas! My mission is to record audio and screen capture straight form Cakewalk whilst I have a small video of yours truly in the corner. After playing around with the Logitech software, it seems that I cannot capture sound from Cakewalk as it seems my Focusrite drivers seems to lock the audio exclusively. When I play music in VLC player, I have audio. After researching this, it seems this is an issue for most DAWs inc. Cakewalk and the solution lies in a free audio software called Voicemeter where you route Cakewalk into Voicemeter and through the Logitech Screen Capture software (and OBS seems to be another favourite). I wondered if this is the best solution? Anyone have experience with this process?
  6. I'm trying to move my entire project by 1 bar. I 'Select All' click 'Shift' then drag by 1 bar. This copies the entire project rather than moving it creating duplicate clips. If I do the same for selected clips or all clips in a track then it moves it. I've never noticed this before even when selecting the 'Move ' tool it still copies.
  7. Im sure this has been discussed before but I'll ask again. I would like to capture/record ONLY the output of a wet output from an effect insert on a track or bus. It looks like this involved Aux Tracks and Patch Points to achieve this. In the meantime im going to look at this article which might give the answer: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/8166-how-to-record-fx-sounds-from-the-tracks-fx-bin/
  8. Im getting issues with my Omnisphere vst...sometimes when loading, I cannot click on a patch, however the patch sound changes. its as though the UI has frozen. Also, for some reason in Multi on Omnisphere, im getting occurrences of the patch being panned for no reason.
  9. yep..that worked..thanks! funny never unchecked that before...never had the need to...
  10. well, I thought it would be a PLAY issue...thanks for the tips.. Ive been putting up with this for ages..my work around (aux track) is a bit around the houses but until now this was the best solution of use another VST!
  11. no, not yet...but will give it a go... generally Ive never been in a position where ive had to turn of fast bounce.. I assume this will then bounce the tracks down in real time?
  12. I'm having issues when I either bounce my tracks down or try to freeze any Play instrument from East West Quantum Leap. All sounds are truncated. For instance a strings legato ensemble can end up sounding like pizzicato strings or other instruments do not bounce at all . This has caught me out a number of times. The only way I can resolve this is to create an Aux track and output the Play track to the Aux then record it. A pain... is this a known issue to anyone ? Its been happening to me for years...
  13. After my reinstall of my system, I tried to not install old vst plugins which I no longer use. However, some of my projects that I need to refer back to have uninstalled plugins. Such as Kontakt 4 (on Kontakt 5 at the mo..) . Without having to dig out the old Kontakt 4 (or to download the 30gb+ file), does CbB hold info about the missing track/presets of a plugin in a txt file? This would be really useful...
  14. 4th Eden

    Audio metronome broken

    where %appdata% is the ProgramData folder? If so all the audio files are there...
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