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  1. Im sure its been asked before but I simply want to Duplicate a track (the vst, fx and midi) to another project.
  2. i like a good mystery! Who's problem is it?
  3. update from Waves: I suggest rescanning in Cakewalk, as per this article. https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-find-your-plugins-in-sonar (useful; not) Make sure that the following paths are listed for VST3, making sure to remove any Waves-specific folders - C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VST3 Note that VST3 is the only format tested and qualified with our software in Cakewalk. Waves software is 64-bit only, as 32-bit support was dropped a few versions back. So how come all i can get is the VST2 CR8...this plugin is screwed!
  4. yes had that error before when i tried loading CR8...
  5. thanks! Been looking how to save my Sample Library folder for ages; end up doing about 6 double clicks to get it. Saved content location and it now defaults to this folder when reopening. Perfect. Many thanks!
  6. I cannot find in Preference where to set my default location for Media that appears in the Browser. Im sure its simple!
  7. weird; reloaded cakewalk and now the VST3 version of CR8 has gone; interestingly, when you click to bring up Cosmos, it loads another instance of it; mine in standalones is running as its tagging samples ; as though this version is now a plugin thats linked to CR8...and it might be 32 bit...
  8. well, I copied the waveshell v13 folder into my default vstplugin folder and it now includes CR8 ; i did uninstall V13 plugins first then re-install; i might remove that folder just to see if it still recognizes it; but at least it is now working!
  9. so you can get the VST2 version working? where was it lurking as a default for you?
  10. an incompatibility with Cakewalk then... and according to Waves (via Cakewalk support) "Checking on the Waves website does show that Cakewalk by BandLab is supported." I think they should try and get it installed...
  11. no such luck for me... tried manual scan; repair of Waves plugins; stil no CR8
  12. Cosmos works fine for me; it isnt a vst
  13. i would if i could find the damn thing!
  14. i thought it was just a V13 plugin?
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