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  1. Well thanks for fixing the issue, I thought it was just me who had this issue when I posted this a few weeks ago and I was going to stop creating new projects with any Spectrasonics plugin due to this issue.
  2. I have asked them.. it does mention the 9th output added with 2.7 update but yes why?
  3. So if I'm reading this correct, it seems that Spectrasonics in their wisdom adding a 9th output to Trilian, RMX & Omnisphere with their June update. This caused Cakewalk to as I call in some instances scramble the vsts or silence outputs of other vst instances. I reported this to Spectrasonics, I even sent them a project to test and stated they couldn't find an issue at their end. I thought I was the only one experiencing the issue so relieved that others found the issue and that devs managed to find the problem. I hope CbB has communicated this to Spectrasonics! Thanks for rectifying the issue...
  4. and Stylus RMX we discovered the other day...
  5. hopefully, this is fixed now, I ended up having to swap omnisphere dlls all the time to stop the issue happening...
  6. ive just logged in, first time in a few weeks..i thought i was going mad until I saw your messages!!!!! Ive just updated Cakewalk and low and behold found this... "Projects saved with older version of Omnisphere open with input ports assigned to incorrect instruments."
  7. Its 2.7.0f now...youll be fine! This is only a problem 1. if you have installed the June Omnisphere patch and 2. gone back to older project using prior to 2.7.0f
  8. It seems our output silence/vst scrambling issue is related to the most recent Omnisphere update. This release was early June. I've since loaded an old dll of Omnisphere from January (not ideal) and this works. Whether the latest update to Cakewalk has made the Omnisphere dll unstable is unknown. Its only when I went back to a project pre-June Omnisphere release did I realise that there was an issue. I cant confirm though if this affects projects that use Trilian or Stylus RMX yet.
  9. UPDATE: If you have Omnisphere. DO NOT UPDATE IT! This is the problem... ive rollback to a previuos dll from January and this works...i cannot state if Trilian and Stylus RMX are affected yet....
  10. For about 2 weeks, both me and my partner have been experiencing silent output from vst tracks. This is on ALL previous projects on CbB. So part of our troubleshooting process is to try them in Splat. We have silence in Splat as well and Sonar X3. You can see there is an output from the vst instrument as there are levels (i.e. from Omnisphere or Kontakt), however no output to the Master bus. We tried deleting the master bus and recreating to no avail. The only solution is to create and new instrument and replicate. Now this is happening on BOTH our systems. I have some commercial work I need finishing and this has stopped me in my tracks and my partner needs to work on backing tracks for our covers band. Now, new projects are fine, no problems but all historical created in CbB or Splat are affected. Bizarrely, it seems that one track will play normally and unaffected, maybe makes this exclusive to the output? We are on latest Win10 and Cakewalk version 2021.04 Build 175 using Focusrite scarlett 2i2 and 6i6 AI's. If this isn't a direct issue with Cakewalk we have to ask what else could be affecting our outputs, maybe a win10 update? Or a vst thats gone rougue? Who knows!
  11. So, it seems this might be an issue with V12 plugins... im doing a 'rollback' to V11. Heres the link : https://www.waves.com/support/how-to-roll-back-to-waves-v11 UPDATE: Back to V11 of Ovox...still crashes Cakewalk...
  12. yes, rather than total crash it operates but crashes when changing presets...
  13. well this is still happening... I've just bought Ovox... loaded up a project and then saw this thread... I froze Riser and the Ovox worked... however Cakewalk crashes as I cycle through Ovox presets...
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