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  1. When I hover over the "archive button" in the clips view, the little pop-up descriptor shows the message "input echo = off" (or "input echo =on" if it is on) rather than saying "archive" or whatever it used to say. The archive button still functions as it should, so it's not a big deal, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Also, my issue with random projects not allowing me to open soft synth interfaces is not yet resolved, if anyone has additional ideas on that. Original thread here: Thank for your thoughts!
  2. Nope. Back to not being able to open them. I tried safe mode again, loading only one specific instrument & absolutely no other plug-ins, and still cannot open the interface for existing software instruments. I've been fighting this for two days now, and I'm done for a while. I'll try again later in the week. Seriously thinking about dumping Cakewalk. It has been so weird and glitchy for me on this album, and I have spent many, many more hours trying to fix Cakewalk issues than I have recording and mixing.
  3. It went back to doing the same thing, mid session. I had not closed & reopened, I had not saved, just edited sounds for a bit. Then boom! None of the soft instruments would open. So I tried inserting new instruments, and like before, the first 7 would not open. Upon inserting an 8th instrument, that one would open. It does not matter which 7 I insert first, none of them will work, and it does not matter which instrument I insert as the 8th. It & any subsequent instrument will work. Crazy. So then I tried opening the tune in safe mode. All soft synth interfaces open fine, so I saved & reopened in normal mode. At the moment everything is working ok. We'll see how it goes.
  4. Well folks, we'll see if my fix holds. I ended up completely reinstalling M-Tron Pro, and that seems to have fixed the issue with that track. And now that I have done that, Addictive Keys & Strum Session also open just fine. I don't understand the relationship, but whatever, lol. I'm able to get back to work now.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, Jon. No luck, however. The really weird thing is that today, when I insert another instrument, the interfaces all open, except for M-tron pro, until I have 8 additional tracks, then M-tron Pro will open normally. And I'm not doing anything different when I insert each instance. Really baffling.
  6. I cannot open the interface for Addictive Keys, M-Tron Pro, True Pianos (CW), or any software instrument. This started with just one synth, on just one song, and now appears to be all software instruments in a bunch of the songs I have recorded. I'm certain there is some setting somewhere that I have inadvertently changed, but I am at a complete loss as to what and where it might be. The video shows the interface opening in a test project, which currently seems to be the only one that allows me to open any soft synth. This occurred in a matter of hours, earlier today. No programs added, no updates performed, just working away and it would open earlier in the day, then it wouldn't. UPDATE: I tried inserting a new instance of M-Tron pro, and while it would create the track, initially it would not open the instrument interface. The same was true with a couple other instruments. Then I got pissed and just started inserting every single instrument I have, and on about the 8th or 9th instrument the interface opened up. Then any new instance of the original instruments that were giving me trouble would open, but not the originals. I don't know all the settings that I had on each of the original instruments or else I would just drag the midi clip onto the new instance & go. I need to open the original instances to tweak the settings just a bit, I'm still baffled. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. soft synth issue.mp4
  7. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know!
  8. Update on my situation: I loaded one of the problem projects in safe mode, & watched to see what loaded. It appears there are a couple things loading that I'm not certain as to what they are. One of them was labeled "groove player," which I cannot find in the manual. I am guessing it is related to groove clips, but I don't know. Whatever it is, this track has no groove clips, so it should not be loading, I would think. That said, I did discover that I had moved some transients in one measure on all 16 drum tracks, and maybe it has something to do with that. I don't know. What I ended up doing was bouncing all of the drum tracks down to relieve CPU load from dealing with moving the transients around, then freezing every single track. Transport issues stopped & I can make adjustments on levels & panning in real time. I unfreeze a single track to tweak the effects, & it seems okay. So today that's what I'm doing. Work on the effects one track at a time, freeze that track, move on to the next. Until I discover what the unique combination of plugins is that is causing these issues I will plow ahead this way. Maybe this technique will work for other folks, maybe not. In the meantime I am forging ahead as best as I can. See you all later!
  9. I'm having the same, or very similar issue. I am currently mixing 10 tunes for a new album. 3 of the 10 will become non-responsive during playback, and I cannot stop the playback. This makes working on the mix very difficult as I cannot make adjustments on the fly. Prior to the next-to-last update this was not happening. I have made no big changes to any of these tracks. That is to say, the 3 trouble tracks have the same number (or fewer) plugins than they did before this issue, I've not added new hardware or new software, and I have updated my various drivers. While this is happening, the "performance" window is also non-responsive. It indicates HDD & CPU load is way below 50%, but appears frozen. When I open Win10 resource monitor, it shows all 4 cores are operating at about 85 - 90%. When the song stops, this goes down to about 75%, but if I close the song and leave CbB open all 4 cores go down to next-to-nothing. If I open one of the non-problematic tunes CPU usage is about 40 - 45% when stopped, & 60 - 70% while playing. The CbB performance window reflects this, as well. Similar or identical track count. I've looked to see if there is a common denominator in the 3 trouble tunes, such as the same soft-synths, plug-ins, etc, & as of yet see nothing glaring. Everything that is being used in these 3 tunes is being used in at least one of the other 7, and they seem to be fine. I've looked pretty much everything Promidi has suggested, and there is nothing jumping out. (Although I do not know what "vDist" is - maybe vDisk? ) . The important thing to note, I believe, is that this did not happen prior to the updates to CbB. I mixed a little one weekend, did the update, tried to mix the next weekend, and this issue was there. I am exploring the possibility that I tried a demo plugin on these 3 tracks, then decided to not buy it, & that there is some artifact lingering from that, but I'm just grasping at straws with that idea. Not even certain how I would verify that or clean up any mess. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. I gotta go make supper. I'll check in later. 🙂
  10. Thank you, everyone. I will take a leap of faith and let Windows do its thing. Back in the old, old days of XP I had some kind of problem with every single update. It got to the point that I stopped updating the studio computer once I had a fairly stable version, and I kept using that until about 3 years ago, when I went with the Win 10 machine, which I have updated once, but that was by accident, lol. Now, my laptop is a different story. I almost always update it right away, and have had minimal issues. Of course, it is used mostly for email, web surfing, and a little photo & video editing, not music related stuff at all. Somehow, the lack of serious problems with the laptop has not alleviated my fear of things going extemely sideways with the studio machine, hence my asking before leaping. Plus, this project has been repeatedly plagued by some very bizarre technical problems over the course of recording and mixing, and I think I am nervous because of that as well. Eh, time to be bold, right? Thank you all, again.
  11. My studio computer is a Windows machine - a Sweetwater Creation Station, to be specific - and it is usually not connected to the internet. However, I do connect periodically to download updates for plugins, CbB, etc. The last time I did this Microsoft did its sneaky forced update thing, and now I cannot shut the machine down without Windows trying to install the latest version. I am terrified of letting it update, based on decades of experience with Windows updates, so I haven't shut the machine off for a couple of weeks now. I am really close to finishing a really big project, and do not want to risk Windows not playing nicely with CbB or plugins or anything else. So my question is: has anyone experienced problems with the latest Windows 10 update and your recording software? If so, were you able to get them resolved? Thanks for your thoughts & insights. P.S.: I'm about to head off to work, so it will be close to 12 hours before I can reply. 🙂
  12. Well, here's the update, but there is not much to tell. It took some time because of having to replay the song at least 6 times with each "experiment." First thing I tried was turning off all of the FX, and as suspected, neither the faux-phase-flipping nor the out-of-sync guitar phrases occurred. Then I began the process of adding the plugins back in, one at a time. I got maybe two added back in before I ran out of time that day. Over the the course of a few days I tried each plugin individually, and did not experience either of the issues. So I concluded that it was being caused by a combination of plugins, but which ones? I tried a couple variations with no results. Then I saw there was a new update for CbB, so I installed it. I have not been able to replicate the issue since, so I guess we can call this solved. Thanks again for the thoughts & suggestions.
  13. Thanks for the thoughts, guys. Bitflipper, the phase issue doesn't actually show up on the icon, there is just a sudden drop in volume and a change in sound. My initial thought was that I had inadvertently moved one of the bass clips a tiny bit, causing it to be out of phase, but that wasn't it, I'll play around with the FX & see what results I get. So far this phenomenon has not shown up on other songs from the same session, using mostly the same plugins, but I will have to dig in to see if I did pop some plugin onto a channel in this track that I'm not using on the other tunes. As always, this forum delivers! Thank you both so much!
  14. I have one song that is doing weird things while working on the mix. There are some harmony guitar lines that occur in 3 or 4 places during the song, which I just punched in at the appropriate spot. Occasionally they will go out of sync with the other tracks during playback. The first time I heard it I thought I had played them way out of time & kind of freaked, because I was certain I had nailed them during recording. But when I went back to re-listen, they were okay. It happens about every 5th or 6th time I play the song back, and it is not all of the harmony lines, just the ones before the guitar solo. The other places they occur in the song never seem to go out of sync. The other odd thing on this tune is the bass tracks going out of phase randomly. I fed the bass to 2 separate tracks during recording, each with a distinct sound. Near the end of the song there is a split in the clips where I went to an alternate take for the last part of the song. Where the split occurs the two bass tracks will randomly go out of phase during playback. This does not happen on every playback, just occasionally. When it does happen I can flip the phase on one of the tracks while it is still playing, and it will sound right for a few measures, then it suddenly sounds out of phase again, so I flip it back and it's ok. So far, when I export the test mixes to a stereo wave file none of these anomalies occur on the tune, so it may not be worth getting worked up about. I am curious if anyone else has had similar issues, and if so, did you find a cause and/or a solution? Thanks for your thoughts!
  15. Well, I'm not certain what the issue was. I had opened & closed the project, CbB, & Win10 several times with no change. Opening the project in safe mode, saving it, then opening it normally seems to fixed the issue. We'll blame it on the phase of the moon or something. All is good now.
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