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  1. Thank you. But, i am working with a MID file of a popular tune. Dropped it on CW, it created the 8 tracks I changed the outputs to TTS. How do i stop the tracks resetting the instruments?
  2. Imported a MIDI file, 8 channels.... I have changed the instruments for a couple of channels, and saved a preset. Yet, when i start the project, the instruments are reset to the midi file defaults. How do i stop this?
  3. Andrew Scheps vocal mix chain Any ideas ideas how to do this in CW?
  4. The CA-2A leveling amp is in demo mode. I have uninstalled and then used the command center to install. It is listed under DEMO and when inserting it i am informed it is demo mode. I am instructed to log in to my CW account, but the confirmation email is not received. It is the correct address. Any guidance?
  5. As i recall, there were goodies that were exclusive to the current monthly install. You saying that is not so? I Have CCC open and NONE of the anderton items are displayed. Hence my question.
  6. I have two years of command center files. I assume i need to install each platinum version, in sequence, to install ALL the little goodies that were unique to each, monthly, version. Can i do that by NOT being online, and just adding the newer files to the download folder, after the previous installation?
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