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  1. Yup, scook, that was the ticket. Not sure why I didn't think of that Still getting used to the CW-BL layout.
  2. Where do you typically put izotope Neutron in your track FX chain... I'm thinking it's last in the chain or second last before reverb if using reverb. How do you order it?
  3. Squonk2

    Drum Replacer... help!

    Drum Replacer looks really cool. Been fiddling with it for a couple of days to try to replace the snare sound of a combined drum loop - a loop that already has all of the drum parts in it. Figured out how to isolate the snare and replace it with another snare sound (wav file) but when I render it, all I hear is the snare, the rest of the sound of the drum loop is gone. Viewed all the videos I can find, seems replacer does work with loops, but can't find an answer. What step(s) am I missing Cakewalk friends?
  4. Dumb question... how do I save the layout of the control bar modules after I have rearranged the modules. When I re-open a project the modules go back to a default order. Tried to lock the modules, but that didn't work to save their layout. Must be a setting somewhere to save the control bar layout. Thanks.
  5. New to Cakewalk by Bandlab, but long time Sonar user. Seems I'm triggering the select module way too often, whenever I move my cursor across the timeline if there's even the slightest touch on my mouse it selects a section. Getting to the point where I'm deleting green section markers every 5 minutes. Is there a way to turn this off or a short cut to delete the markers? It's a bitch to have to go to the module each time and click off each start and end point, but doesn't seem to be any right click shortcut. Appreciate any tips, thanks.
  6. I have several individual midi clips on the same track. I want to join some of them together, but keep them on the same track. In my other projects I have selected two or more clips and used the bounce to clips function to merge them into a single clip. For some reason now, on certain tracks it will not merge the clips. I will check if the clips are locked Chuck, thanks, but highly doubt it as I've never run into locked clips. Any other thoughts ?
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