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  1. Thanks Chappel. I'm trying to normalized the mix which is not printed to a track yet, meaning I have to export it out as a file first, then re imports it. To do it in one go.. one still need to print the mix as a track, right ? Just trying to get the standard step to do this.
  2. Being with Sonar since the X days, but I've never done this within Sonar / CbB. After a mix is finished, I would export the wave file out and use Audacity's Normalize tool to bring it to -1 db. What would be the tool to use within CbB itself ? or.. a plugin is required ? Is -1 db a good finished audio ? Thanks!
  3. Question 1: Is there a feature to group up 2 or more tracks, so that moving 1 track will move the rest of the grouped track(s) together. Question 2: If there is, how many group can CnB register so that user don't have to re group manually separate groupings. This is more towards free flow editing where clips do not specifically quantize on the exalt bar, such as (audio for) movie editing. Thanks!
  4. I've recently bought V6 just weeks ago, my upgrade is $99.
  5. Just installed. But it's not a smooth process. In my case - install version on top of previous 3.2... , License manager reported multiple version, but latest BFD3 runs fine (uninstall only points to one version). - De authorize, uninstall BFD3, re-install - License Manager cannot authorize now (Status 6, whatever it meant) - only option is to open a Support Tic at License Manager. Did that, but it hangs. - Reboot, License Manager says BFD3 is now authorized, but BFD3 cannot run (in stand alone) with a message it's not authorized. Running License Manager once more withing BFD3 and it's fine now. Fxpansion forum seems to have many post about 'multiple version' / license corruption issues.
  6. I'm currently preparing and rehearsing (as guitarist) for a stage play. Instead of using actual guitar pedals, I was thinking of using a portable PC (just a small PC casing in a trolley bag / SSD setup) with CbB + NI Guitar Rig Pro, and other plugs. Ideally, I should be getting something like Cantabile vst host, but my budget maxed out (bought a 13" monitor, some soft synths, etc). I also use Pro Channel a lot, so I would like to try out further using CbB. I've already gone through 2 rehearsals with the above setup. All tracks are loaded with suitable vst/i (about 6 tracks now). Switching sound is rather tedious by muting / un muting tracks. I've just recall the Mix Recall feature [ pun ? ], which I think will speed up doing tracks muting / un muting. This should be rather easy for Mix Recall to handle. But I've never use this before. What do you think ? Would Mix Recall be the best choice ? Just hoping there might be a way to setup a midi foot switch to change Mix Recall.. which I think it's not possible right now.
  7. My Rapture Pro is now in demo mode.. Is there a known fix ? Edit : yes, i have reinstalled using the latest CCC too.
  8. Wishing you speedy recovery, Mile.
  9. Im ok with that.. as long as it's not clashing with a real Tom ?
  10. Thanks guys for the warmest welcome ! I was away to reinstall Windows on an old backup PC as all my DAW related files was there (on a separate undamaged drive). It was a slow process as the processor is an outdated AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+... such a long name After a few hours of Windows update / short nap.. it's up and running. And I discovered I've purchased quite a few stuffs in the backup drive. Thanks to the Deals. How do I send a cake over.. haha.. Nice pics too !!! Cheers!!
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