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  1. Hi Larry, I managed to solve this. It was playback of a simple track I was experimenting with to get started. I tried hooking up a dj controller to utilise an external audio interface and managed to deafen myself over some headphones. That was a bit clunky add a work around and in the end I worked out I just had a few settings wrong for the computer. I had to have it set to WASAPI Exclusive and then to make sure only the output I wanted to use was selected under the audio tab in preferences. If more than one was selected it wouldn't work. Took quite a bit of trial and error but I'm there. Thanx for the response. Matt.
  2. Hello, I have just installed CW curious about music production a hobby. There is no output, all the gauges and so on are showing levels but there's no sound. Other programs and sources and so on play as usual. I haven't changed anything physically. I've played around with all the audio output preferences but nothing seems to get CW playing back. Obviously I've missed something super basic but if anyone could help me get CW to play on an output that would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
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