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  1. Hello: I have Cakewalk by Bandlab. I want to be able to run it on a PC, and then attach performance speakers to the PC for public audiences. Does anyone have recommendations for a powerful laptop and speaker system?
  2. I think this is what I need, David. If I go to Edit > Select > by filter and check the "notes" box, only the notes will show. Then I can drag and drop or copy and paste and only the notes will be copied, is that right?
  3. I was thinking about it. When I type in the notes, anew, on the TTS 1 track, it sounds correct. I am wondering if I am copying effects or other things when I move the notes from my midi track to the new TTS 1 track. I wonder if I should be copy/pasting in a way that doesn't move the effects along with.
  4. I am using Bandlab. I have Windows 10. I use a Scarlett Solo as an external sound card. When I insert the TTS Soft Sync track, I copy my pre-exisisting midi track to the new track. But the sound I get when I hit the Sample button on the track never sounds like the result I get after I put the notes in. For instance, the piano sounds muted and when I increase the velocity, they sound like someone is pounding on the piano. It is difficult to hear. And it sounds canned. How can I get my track to sound like the sample? Thank you,
  5. I have windows 10 64 bit, so I will go get the Cakewalk by BandLab. Most of my files are midi, so I don't forsee a problem transferring, I just need to learn the new program. I am wondering if my processor is too slow for my plug-ins? I have AMD E1-2500 APU. Maybe I need a faster processor.
  6. Hello: I use Cakewalk Music Creator 5 and a Focusrite Scarlett solo external soundcard to reduce latency. I use the vst instruments that come with Cakewalk. Even with the external sound card, the high notes are dropping out. I usually use the piano vst tracks and have several tracks I want played at the same time. What am I doing wrong?
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