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  1. Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I've finally got my Start Screen back. Uninstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab program, reinstalled and "presto" everything is running perfectly again. Thanks to everyone who chimed in to help.
  2. Hi I just watched the Command Center video and realized that although I have multiple Cakewalk products downloaded on my system, only 2 (the CA-2A T - Type Leveling Amplifier and Z3TA + 2) products show up in the app. Does anyone know why this is happening or how I can get all of my Cakewalk products into Command Center? video
  3. Hello Everyone. Tried all suggestions from above to no avail. I'm a bit torn to either live with the program "as is", or completely uninstall and then reinstall I'll ponder on this for a few days as it's not actually vital that I have this screen but I'm just very curious why this screen suddenly decided to disappear. Oh well. 😞
  4. Hi HIBI This is exactly how I have it set up.. There's got to be a way to get the Start Screen back, don't you think? Would deleting and re-installing the whole program be a wise idea?
  5. Hi mcmmcleod Yes. That's already checked.
  6. Hey All I'm not sure when this exactly happened, but when I open Cakewalk By Bandlab I don't have the "Start Screen". It was there when I first downloaded the program but now at start-up I get the "Basic" project screen automatically. I've tried opening it from the File menu as well as Preferences with no luck. Has anyone else had this problem? All responses are welcome. Thanks!
  7. Thanks a bunch scook! That was the solution! Until next time. Peace
  8. I'm getting a pop-up stating that "TTS-1 is missing or improperly installed on my system". Not sure why all my other plug-ins were properly installed during download of Cakewalk and not TTS-1. Is that it's in the "Instruments - General Midi" folder have anything to do with it? I would have guessed that it would be in the "Synth" folder. Any suggestions out there? Thanks
  9. Hi All I can't for the life of me find a way to get Dimension Pro out of Demo Mode. When opened in a project it says that I need a valid registration code. I went to the "My Products" at the old Sonar page and entered the registration code I received a billion years ago (okay, half a billion) and that one is no longer accepted. Can anyone lead me in the right direction to rectify this situation? Thanks in advance
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