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  1. Because the Velocity Offset of this MIDI track is set to +127, After all the notes are saved as MIDI files, they will be added with a velocity of 127. You can try the Velocity Offset is set to "0", you can get the original velocity values This is the MIDI Event of "piece.mid", You can see that the velocity is all at the maximum value of 127. Hope it helps you!
  2. btw, These default shortcut keys can switch Note Draw Duration
  3. You can try this setting The reason for the change from 8th note to 1158 Ticks may be as follows: Hope it can help! 🙂
  4. Hi! @Kishan Nadarajah In the current situation, it seems that the Cakewalk should be executed after the Graphite Mini Editor has been executed, causing the USB MIDI PORT to be occupied. You can try to close the Graphite Mini Editor software before running Cakewalk, the problem should be solved. I tested it with my AKAI MPD218, and also first opened the MPD218 Editor (using MPD218 USB MIDI PORT) without closing it, and then executed Cakewalk, I also got a message that the memory is insufficient. (I am using the Chinese version of Windows) Hope it helps you. 🙂
  5. Hi, @Imuach You are welcome, I am glad to help you and your projects can continue to use HS2. 🙂🤝
  6. In the MIDI track, PC#71 disappeared when selecting a Patch, Is this a configuration problem or a software bug? Win10, CbB Version 2021.09 (Build 145, 64bit) Resolution: 2560*1440 Display scaling: 100% Thank you for your attention and reply!
  7. You can try this way 🙂
  8. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/26300-open-synthesizer/
  9. Hi, @jkoseattle I have recorded a video for your reference, hope it will help you.
  10. Yes, this feature is still there. You can set shortcut keys to change, but only for MIDI track projects (the same rule applies to Cakewalk Pro Audio 9)😀
  11. Thanks @Noel Borthwick I get it. For the outline display of Waveform, it really helps to view the waveform, which is a great feature. If this function can also be added to the Waveforms of Bus Pane, the overall UI presentation will be more consistent. Good to know this news and your reply.
  12. Can I show the Outlines of Waveform Preview in Bus Pane? Thanks for your reply and help.
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