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  1. @fulop.nandor I use Sound Canvas VA in CbB, and there are situations where I cannot change Bend Range through RPN, and it also affects Volume Level. However, you can also change Bend Range through Automation. I recorded a video, you can refer to it,I hope it will help you! 🙂
  2. You can try to check the "First Synth Audio Output" option, so that the SI Bass MIDI signal will be sent to the Audio Port for sound
  3. Glad you can find a solution! In addition, you can quickly find the Lanes and adjust it by opening Automation Write. I recorded a video, you can try it. hope it helps you Regards, Johnny
  4. Thanks Adam for your reminder! This theme is awesome! 😀
  5. The Tempo of the original music file is already in 92 BPM, as long as you find the position of the first beat and match it with the project, the synchronization should be correct. I extracted the sound of the video, then used iZotope RX8 to cancel the metronome and recorded this video. There are many ways to align WAVE files. I share my method for your reference. I hope it will be helpful to you. By the way, if the theme you are currently using is Dark Aqua, because it is an old version of CbB, it is recommended that you download the new Dark Aqua, @Adam Compeau he modified, Here
  6. Nero is indeed a great burning software, I also use this software, it can easily burn ISO files (called NRG files in Nero) In addition, you can also try UltraISO, which can also be burned into a standard ISO file
  7. The software I used for MIDI arrangement since 1993 was Master Tracks Pro, then I changed to Cakewalk 3.0 until now CbB There is a thoughtful function in Master Tracks Pro software about selecting Patch (Program), You can copy the selected Patch Name to Track Name. I have captured a video here I suggest that CbB can add a "Copy Patch Name to Track Name" option in Patch Browser, check items like this: If you use the "Patch" method of the track to select Instrument, add a "Follow Patch Name" Checkbox in the Track Properties option, and the selected Patch Name will also be copied to the Track Name, like this: Thanks to BandLab for continuous maintenance to make cakewalk better!
  8. I agree! However, the display space where Now Marker is located is too small, and the display of Key Signature text will be too small, making it difficult to read When setting the Meter in Cakewalk, you can also set the Key Signature, as is the "Meter/Key" window. It would be even better if it can be displayed in the Transport Module Similar to this display concept, display Key Signature in Transport:
  9. I think that should be to display the Key Signature of the current project in the Transport module, Similar to the display method in Logic Pro X, Key Signature can be set and displayed for the current project Displaying Key Signature information is really useful, CbB can evaluate and add this feature. Thanks a lot! 🙂
  10. This problem occurred after I upgraded from Sonar X3 to Sonar Platinum Edition, and it has been bothering me. The BitBridge used by Sonar X3 seems to have good support for 32-bit plug-ins and is relatively stable. I have been using Sonar Platinum Edition. With this method, Hypersonic 2 works very well If you have backed up the BitBridge files used by CbB, you can overwrite the original files if in doubt Glad to solve your problem👍
  11. You can try to run CbB as a system administrator. If you still cannot open Hypersonic 2 smoothly, you can try to replace the two files "BitBridge.exe" and "BitBridge.dll" , the path is in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities I use the "BitBridge.exe" and "BitBridge.dll" in the Sonar X3 version, because Hypersonic 2 can be executed normally in Sonar X3, the files I left before upgrading to the Platinum version. It seems that CbB can execute Hypersonic 2. If you can't find other solutions, you can try it! However, it is recommended that you back up the two files "BitBridge.exe" and "BitBridge.dll" currently used by CbB before overwriting I uploaded the Sonar X3 Bitbridge file, you can download it here I also recorded a video to replace the overwrite, you can refer to it! Hope it can help🙂
  12. You can perform MIDI Learn through Remote Control, I recorded a video, you can try it out (sorry, the video has no captions) Hope it helps you
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