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  1. Hi paulo, here is my opinion: You are not missing anything. You did your "homework" and demoed it. If it does not add anything useful to your music production, then do not get it.
  2. Probably not. I just felt like buying something. Everyone on this forum knows the feeling. 😁
  3. I'm going to get the TimewARP 2600 for $9.99 to get the Carbon Electra for free.
  4. I'm thinking of getting the Purple Audio MC77, a modern 1176 clone, for $18.99. It seems like a good deal but I already have the PSP FetPressor which is a similar modernized 1176. I guess I'll do my homework and demo the MC77. Anybody have any opinions of MC77 vs FetPressor?
  5. Here's hoping to a 4th PA voucher reset. 😁 If they do it I'll buy something.
  6. Yes. Sandman Pro is on sale for $14.99. I got it too!
  7. The discount code brings $20 down to $17.80. I'm considering N2O or HertzRider2.
  8. You can apply 21 dollars of Jam Points and get it for $48.99
  9. I got the bx_delay2500 for 9.99. I've been looking for a delay with built-in ducker and this has it.
  10. They sent me three promo codes. I used one of them to get mine. The other two are still good. If anyone wants the code, message me. The code gets you the $9.99 price. This is an interesting compressor/limiter processor. I don't understand all the controls on it. The GUI needs improvement and a better explanation of what each knob actually does in the internal chain. I don't understand how the metering relates to amount of compression, etc. That said, I put it on the master buss and was able to make it sound good. I don't usually go for the "glued" sound, but this one does it very well.
  11. https://www.har-bal.com/2237/har-bal-dynamics-processor AU / VST2 and VST3 plugin $9.99 if you are an existing Har-Bal customer.
  12. It is. I tried to make an account and there was severe server lag. I'll try tomorrow.
  13. They are back in stock and the discount code still works.
  14. The headphones are sold out. I just tried.
  15. October 16, 2020: Voxengo is very happy to release TEOTE, an automatic spectral balancer plugin for professional music production applications, available in AAX, AudioUnit, VST, and VST3 plugin formats, for macOS and Windows computers. TEOTE was designed to be a very useful tool for both mixing and mastering. It automatically performs such tasks like resonances removal, de-essing, tilt equalizing, usually performed during mixing and mastering. In mixing, TEOTE sounds good on pretty much any material. While by definition TEOTE is a dynamic equalizer, its technology is solely based on multi-band dynamics processing. This allows TEOTE to have only minor phase issues, and to produce a subtle transient-emphasis effect associated with dynamics processing. TEOTE tries to make the program material follow the specified spectral profile, tuned to the contemporary mastering standards by default. It can be said that TEOTE “straightens” the frequency response, making further adjustments a lot easier; it removes a lot of repeating work. Is TEOTE an AI plug-in? In a sense that AI usually boils down to a “curve-fitting task”, TEOTE is an AI plug-in that performs gain adjustment decisions in a quantity equal to “SampleRate multiplied by BandCount” per second. However, TEOTE does not use neural networks; it is based on an extremely-refined, completely predictable, curve-fitting function. TEOTE is an acronym for “That’s Easier On The Ear”. TEOTE is a serious contender in helping bring your music production to the next level! TEOTE features: Automatic spectral balancing Selectable processing band count Unlinked stereo processing Multi-band gain adjustments meter Stereo and multi-channel processing Internal channel routing Channel grouping Up to 8x oversampling 64-bit floating point processing Preset manager Undo/redo history A/B comparisons Contextual hint messages All sample rates support Zero processing latency Introductory price of US$69.95 is now in effect until October 30, 2020 (regular US$79.95). TEOTE is free for Voxengo Premium Membership owners. Demo version of TEOTE can be downloaded freely at the Voxengo web site: https://www.voxengo.com/product/teote
  16. I'm going to get the MSuperLooper for 19 dollars. I've been wanting a looper for a long time and the price is good and it's a Melda. The free Reason rack plugin definitely convinced me to buy.
  17. Excalibur is on sale too for $9.99 https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/5226-Excalibur
  18. Hopefully, tomorrow will renew the voucher again. 🙂
  19. I have changed my mind about the BX_rooMS. It seems to work when I need to do something weird, like put reverb on the bass drum. That EQ control dials it in perfectly. Also thinking about the BX_delay 2500. The built-in ducking is handy. One or the other is going to get my voucher and $9.99.
  20. I just demoed the BX-Room. No thanks. I'll save my voucher for something else. As one of the reviews stated: It sounds like a pipe. Changing the room size changes the length of the pipe 🙂 I can't imagine using this for anything other than a special effect.
  21. Thanks, Larry. You are a good person.
  22. I bought that a few years ago when it was on sale. It was a DVD case with a serial number inside. I entered the serial number at Wave Arts then was able to download and authorize the VST and AAX versions.
  23. Thanks, Zo. If I would have seen your post I would have bought the plug! That's exactly what I was looking for but I got lazy and didn't try it out. I'll grab it next time it is on sale.
  24. This looks interesting. Anybody use it and recommend it? Any good or bad experiences? I'll do my homework and demo it this evening.
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