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  1. Done! Upgrade from Synthmaster 2 with the YMLP10OFF coupon.
  2. Mine activated fine with the code I got in the e-mail. Here is how to do it: 1. Go to WA website and download Loop Engine 2. Install it and the Listener plug. 2. Open Loop Engine 2 in your DAW or plugin host. In the lower left you will see an "i" with a circle around it. 3. Left click on the "i" and a window will pop up where you will enter the purchase code that was in the email. 4. Done. It will tell you the plug has a valid license.
  3. I got the activation code e-mail from PA so it looks like I accidently beat the system this time, LOL.
  4. I have no link. It was still in my cart from when they put in on sale a few weeks ago, so I tried the code with it and it worked. Probably a software/web page glitch allowed this to happen. It does show up as a legit product, full license, in my account. No download link. I'll try to get it from WA Production and register tomorrow.
  5. I used the the code and got the W.A. production Loop Engine for free. May be a glitch in the system, though. I can't figure out how to download. Will try tomorrow.
  6. I'm getting ready to purchase this. It's a good deal. I have wanted a good Mini Moog for a long time. The 1176 collection doesn't hurt either, nor the 224, nor the Hybrid Filter freebee 🙂 Anybody know if there Is a coupon code for Plugin Boutique? I don't want to purchase then find out later that I could have used a code. Thanks
  7. This Cloudmax Plus looks like something I might want to purchase but there is no demo version to try out, unless I'm missing something?
  8. Perfect! $81.41 and some extras. Thanks QuickMath and larry!
  9. Q: Anybody know if there are any better deals to be had on Studio One Pro upgrade? I'm getting ready to grab this from the Presonus store but maybe there is a better deal online somewhere? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, TheSteven for posting a working link. I was at work and didn't have time to post a link so I posted a screen capture to get the message out. I assumed a fine person here would fill in the missing link. Anyways, this is a "lite" version of the PSP "Stomp Delay". The full Stomp Delay has some additional features and buttons. This lite version has the same sound, though. This is like an Echoplex tape echo, complete with the delay time slider. The feed back can be turned up greater than 100% to get those classic runaway tape repeats with nice saturation.
  11. Thanks for posting this. Great use for the 75 off voucher! I'd rather use a host like this that will probably remain supported for a long time. Done. $24.99 with the MEGA-75-OFF
  12. Thanks, Larry I got the SBC for $9.98 using my voucher and adding another plugin to meet the 32 dollar minimum for the voucher. 1 Lindell Audio SBC$24.99 1 Noveltech Vocal Enhancer$9.99 2022-12 Customer Loyalty Monthly Vouchers - $25 Total $9.98
  13. Cool! I was going to complain because I did not see a discounted upgrade path from FG-X . But now I see that perpetual FG-X owners get it for free! Thanks guys! 😁 👍👍
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