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  1. It says in the review that they use op-amps to emulate the tube circuit. Both the compressor and preamp are analog hardware. Here's the quote from the Sweetwater review: Begin quote: 610-inspired Microphone Preamps Universal Audio is a company with a legacy — they know how to build analog circuits. The Volt’s microphone preamps epitomize this celebrated history, boasting tailor-crafted solid-state electronics that deliver a decidedly 610 tube preamp–like flavor. “It’s like with DSP — you’re modeling what’s happening in the analog realm,” explains Shawn. “But, instead of doing it digitally, we’re doing it with op-amps.” What’s more, the Volt’s selectable Vintage Preamp mode enables you to inject your signal with tube-like analog saturation and clipping. Built-in FET Compression The Volt 76 models include built-in FET compression modeled after the UREI 1176. Best of all, these are real-world analog compressors, not a digital emulation. While these compressors nail the 1176’s fabled punch and presence, they’re easy to use, courtesy of three application-specific modes for vocals, guitars, and drums. “With the compressor,” states Shawn, “we made presets with optimized attack and release times to make it super-easy for people who aren’t familiar with a hardware compressor with all its knobs, bells, and whistles.” End quote.
  2. The compressor is analog, not DSP. Excerpt from the Sweetwater review: "The Volt 76 models include built-in FET compression modeled after the UREI 1176. Best of all, these are real-world analog compressors, not a digital emulation."
  3. I used the BYOME3999 voucher and the 25 dollar loyalty voucher we recently received for a final price of $14.99.
  4. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/sound-forge-pro-hit-record-production-software?hmb_source=&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_1_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_2_c_soundforgeprohitrecordproduction_softwarebundle $25 Dollars for the bundle. SF Pro 13 is not the latest version but it is a 64 bit version. This is a cheap way to get a 64 bit version if you are still running a 32 bit version.
  5. Link to page is the same text as the e-mail I received. https://www.ehx.com/magnetosphere/ Exerpt from e-mail: "However, we would also like to team up with the right partner(s) who will provide parallel satellites orbiting earth at about 1000 miles."
  6. Me too. I'm going to get it.
  7. Hi paulo, here is my opinion: You are not missing anything. You did your "homework" and demoed it. If it does not add anything useful to your music production, then do not get it.
  8. Probably not. I just felt like buying something. Everyone on this forum knows the feeling. 😁
  9. I'm going to get the TimewARP 2600 for $9.99 to get the Carbon Electra for free.
  10. I'm thinking of getting the Purple Audio MC77, a modern 1176 clone, for $18.99. It seems like a good deal but I already have the PSP FetPressor which is a similar modernized 1176. I guess I'll do my homework and demo the MC77. Anybody have any opinions of MC77 vs FetPressor?
  11. Here's hoping to a 4th PA voucher reset. 😁 If they do it I'll buy something.
  12. Yes. Sandman Pro is on sale for $14.99. I got it too!
  13. The discount code brings $20 down to $17.80. I'm considering N2O or HertzRider2.
  14. You can apply 21 dollars of Jam Points and get it for $48.99
  15. I got the bx_delay2500 for 9.99. I've been looking for a delay with built-in ducker and this has it.
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