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  1. Thanks, Zo. If I would have seen your post I would have bought the plug! That's exactly what I was looking for but I got lazy and didn't try it out. I'll grab it next time it is on sale.
  2. This looks interesting. Anybody use it and recommend it? Any good or bad experiences? I'll do my homework and demo it this evening.
  3. Elements 8 vs Elements 9 changes, my observations: Some GUI improvements in 9. The EQ global edit puts more information on the screen and adds a solo button for each band. The Imager has added an extra mode to the Stereoize function. Now has modes I and II. The Maximizer appears unchanged. Still works well. The IO panel appears unchanged. I like the GUI improvements. Definitely worth getting for free.
  4. I'd like to have an "Enya" vocal lib. Maybe she will read this forum and make one for us. 😍
  5. Thanks, got it! Somehow I missed it last time it was free.
  6. iPhone / iPad only.
  7. cart total$199.00 discount-$85.67 volume discount -$15.67 promo discount -$70.00 to pay$113.33 It's $113.33 in my cart directly from PSP. Anybody found it cheaper yet? This plug is looking real good to me, I like the PSP plugs. Although, the way things are currently, I may wait until a Black Friday sale to get it.
  8. I did the survey a week ago and it still worked, got the voucher.
  9. Couldn't pass it up. I used the survey voucher and got it for $14.99 US. Thanks Soundwise, Larry and Zo.
  10. Update for Span available: https://www.voxengo.com/product/span/ 21-Mar-2020: Voxengo SPAN version 3.8 update is now available for download. SPAN is a free real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plugin for professional music and audio production applications. SPAN is available in AudioUnit, AAX, VST, and VST3 plugin formats, for macOS and Windows computers. List of changes in version 3.8: Added the preset list sorting function to the preset manager. Redesigned the knob image. Extended the "Color Editor" with color modifiers. Added the "Gray Blue" and "Navy" color schemes. Implemented "anti-aliased" line drawing optimization. Fixed a bug where the "Hold" switch was not holding statistics. SPAN provides you with a very flexible “mode” system which you can use to setup your spectrum analyzer preferences. You may specify Fourier block size in samples, FFT window overlap percentage, spectrum's visual slope. Beside that you can choose to display secondary spectrum of a desired type (e.g. real-time maximum, all-time maximum). Spectrum can be smoothed out visually for an easier examination. SPAN features: Output signal power statistics Spectrum smoothing User interface window resizing Clipping statistics Correlation meter EBU R128 LUFS/LU metering K-metering Stereo and multi-channel analysis Mid/side analysis Internal channel routing Channel grouping Preset manager Undo/redo history A/B comparisons Contextual hint messages All sample rates support Retina and HighDPI support Voxengo SPAN and other pro audio plugins can be downloaded at the Voxengo web site: https://www.voxengo.com/product/span/?eref=ml
  11. Yes! It is time to get a few PSP plugs that have been on my "want" list.
  12. https://www.meldaproduction.com/MCharmVerb MCharmVerb is a great sounding lush algorithmic reverb based on the MTurboReverb engine. We decided to give it away for free as a thank you for your support all these years!
  13. Only This Weekend, 90% Discount On All Products Use The Following Coupon @ The Virtual Store VALENTINE90 http://wwww.wusik.com/w/index.php/purchase/ Cheers, WilliamK
  14. CRTIV Shumovick plug-in for professional music production applications produces a creative dynamic noise-floor padding effect. This effect is most effective on beats and synth sounds used in electronic music production – EDM, hip-hop and the like. The noise-floor effect created by this plug-in is correlated to the spectral content of the sound being processed. As a result, on beats, this creates mellow noise bursts that make bassdrum sounds a lot softer, with a bit of stereo-field enhancement effect. On synths, on the other hand, such noise-floor effect may boost the power and density of the sound. Shumovick can be also effective when used on sterile-sounding basslines where it can add a bit of “pillowy” noise background. In practice, Shumovick can be also used on acoustic drum buses adding “vintage” feel and aggression to them. Shumovick is, however, not as effective when used on full mixes, but can be also used on full mixes in some music genres. CRTIV Shumovick is a relatively CPU-demanding effect plug-in, so it requires a higher-end computer processor for a comfortable use. However, the CPU requirements can be lowered by adjusting plug-in’s processing band count. CRTIV Shumovick features: Noise-floor signal envelope controls Noise-floor signal equalization Selectable processing band count 64-bit floating point processing Preset manager Undo/redo history A/B comparisons Contextual hint messages All sample rates support Zero processing latency User interface color schemes Resizable interface Retina and HighDPI support CRTIV Shumovick is available for purchase online for US$39.95. CRTIV Shumovick is free for Voxengo Premium Membership owners. Demo version of CRTIV Shumovick can be downloaded freely at the Voxengo web site: https://www.voxengo.com/product/crtivshumovick/?eref=ml
  15. http://www.pspaudioware.com/plugins/dynamic_processors/psp_oldtimer_multiband/ Dear oldTimer users, We are thrilled to introduce a new, vintage-style multi-band compressor designed for demanding track processing, buss, mix, and mastering compression. PSP oldTimerMB is a brand new multi-band processor based on the highly regarded PSP oldTimer compressor. Similar to its original incarnation, the new PSP oldTimerMB offers three bands of warm sounding, musical compression with adjustable valve emulation as well as a wide array of processing controls making it a great choice for any style of production. To see our new PSP oldTimerMB in action, you can watch the 21 minute detailed video overview created by Venus Theory on our YouTube channel or try the plug-in on your own material using the fully featured 30 day demo version available on our new download page. Until the 12th January 2020 you can buy the new PSP oldTimerMB at the special introductory price of $99*. As a registered user of other PSP plug-ins, you can get it at an even much better price. As a registered user of our classic PSP oldTimer in your account, at our new user area at checkout you will find the additional extra individual 30% discount coupon for PSP oldTimerMB! To see your final price for the PSP OldTimerMB: log into your user account in our new user area, go to our new store and put the PSP oldTimerMB into your cart, go to checkout, and you will see the special discount coupon for registered PSP oldTimer users. Then at the checkout screen activate the special discount coupon for registered PSP oldTimer users. Starting from the 13th January 2020 the regular price of $149* will be applied. (* all prices include taxes) Have a fruitful and good New Year! Your PSP Team Mateusz Woźniak Antoni Ożyński Adam Taborowski Piotr Dmuchowski
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