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  1. Thanks for posting this. Great use for the 75 off voucher! I'd rather use a host like this that will probably remain supported for a long time. Done. $24.99 with the MEGA-75-OFF
  2. Michael Docy

    PA Xmas Day 10

    Thanks, Larry I got the SBC for $9.98 using my voucher and adding another plugin to meet the 32 dollar minimum for the voucher. 1 Lindell Audio SBC$24.99 1 Noveltech Vocal Enhancer$9.99 2022-12 Customer Loyalty Monthly Vouchers - $25 Total $9.98
  3. Cool! I was going to complain because I did not see a discounted upgrade path from FG-X . But now I see that perpetual FG-X owners get it for free! Thanks guys! 😁 πŸ‘πŸ‘
  4. Snagged it. That was a good deal I couldn't resist.
  5. Using the voucher you can get one of the 49 dollar plugs and the SigMod for 28 dollars total. This is what I just did: Stereoizer Elements: $49 SigMod: $29 Pensado's Place $50 voucher: -$50 Total: $28
  6. If you purchase 5 plugs for $17.76 each that totals $88.80. Then you use the 25 dollar coupon that brings the total out-of-pocket to $63.80 That works out to $12.76 per plug. No bad, spend 63.80 and get 5 plugs. The problem is that I have most of them and the ones I don't have, I am not interested in.
  7. Acme Opticom XLA-3 is definitely a "must have" if you are looking for a great character compressor. I got it last time it was on sale and am not disappointed. This time I am demoing the townhouse Buss Compressor and the Pro Audio DSP DSM V3.
  8. Text from web page: "You can cancel anytime during your 14-day trial and you won’t be charged."
  9. Looks like a nice compressor. I think I'll wait until it's 29 dollars.
  10. Yep, I bought another BX_Blue Chorus (already have one) to get the price up past 32 dollars to use the February 25 dollar voucher. Total $14.98 for an Elysia Alpha Compressor is a good deal.
  11. I'm sure the nice people at Unfiltered Audio are referring to "Audio Frequency". 😁
  12. It's a stereo/mono toggle. If you put it on a mono track you get a single channel version with one meter and one set of knobs. I demoed it but will not purchase. It's a very nice compressor but it's too subtle for me.
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