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  1. Mark Stow

    Softube Amp Room $41

    LOL, I woke up this AM thinking to try the same thing using that Amplitube JH Gold amp....great minds
  2. That sounds really nice, I have heard so much good about S-Gear, sounds like works great for ya!
  3. It was a great deal a couple weeks back, I snagged it then. Even at $59 I would say it is worth, but please do try it if you can. All our ears are different, Let me see if i can get a similar tone from Stock Cab Room and get back to ya!
  4. Guitar: Ritchie Blackmore Signature strat 2010 Pickups, neck and bridge YJM Fury, middle pickup is dummy pickup ala Blackmore I used the Headrush Gigboard as my Audio Interface to record the dry signal, then used Amp Room to reamp Dry Signal. Attached is a screenshot of the rig i built in Amp Room, as mentioned i have their Silver Jubilee amp so I used that in Amp Room. I basically took one of their presets and swapped in the Silver Jubilee. Recorded in Cubase Pro 10.
  5. Quick demo of Amp Room using the Softube Silver Jubilee which is great. Now I am gonna have to buy Amp Room (dammit lol)......& I will try out the Bluesbreaker next .... This is closest i have gotten to this Blackmore type tone. demo weiss helm_Softube Amp Room wiith Silver Jubilee.mp3
  6. Happy birthday Larry, thanks for all you do!
  7. Mark Stow

    Cubase Pro 10

    I have Cubase Pro 10. I have owned it since 2018. It takes some learning but for me it does some great things. For example, one thing I do love is the ability to drag drum midi from an Instrument track in Cubase straight into the Superior Drummer 3 plugin, and back again into Pro 10, i think that is genius. For midi things really love Cubase Pro 10. I should jump on an upgrade but with my system I can do all i need with Pro 10 version, it just works. You will need the elicenser USB dongle if you get Pro 10.
  8. Mark Stow

    Winter Mornings

    Beautiful soundscape, very nice composition. I enjoyed that!
  9. I am tempted on this one, I love the ENGL sound; https://overloud.com/products/choptones-angel-scream
  10. I may do a Bapu on this one and be the first to tell you all "Downloaded and Installed" 🤣
  11. In my account a discount was applied. Make sure you are logged in, log in log out and try it again. Hoping that may fix it for you.
  12. I will probably jump on Amp Room. I have been so impressed with their Kerry King Marshall and to get to use a module of that in Amp room will be superb!
  13. Gotta admit I kinda miss the excitement of Thanksgiving morning thinking of what may be in Black Friday sales. All this Early BF thing I am not a fan of. I notice all the stores are jumping on this early thing, not a fan. I also miss the Best Buy ad I used to get with my newspaper. Call me Old Fashioned
  14. Here they are! 3 of the Marshall amps included in this round. November 15th - 17th. https://www.softube.com/black-november
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