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  1. It will appear it is a new deal every day, but hopefully you are right and all deals won't expire till 30th.
  2. Yes, the deals will go for 24 hours, changing every day.
  3. EZ Mix 2 is pretty useful, i had it once maybe i should buy into it again...hmmm
  4. Thanks for detailed response. I own TH3 Full. My guess is I can upgrade that to TH-U Metal from TH3 Full for the current upgrade price of $9. I know it is a dumb question but want to check before i buy, i will also ask Overloud.
  5. I have been holding off on upgrading my TH3. I now see that Overloud have the upgrade on sale. But to be honest I am more tempted to just but Metal and Rock at these great prices, then just add a couple rig libraries. I hate to bump this thread up but what are some of your favorite rig libraries?
  6. Glad to hear no issues Simon. I was part of the Beta test team for Helix Native, I tested it to the n'th degree..LOL Guys, make sure to check out the Tuner in Helix native it's great!
  7. Death & Darkness OR Metal Machinery, which do you guys prefer. I should jump on one of these sweet deals...
  8. Mark Stow


    I recently bought a "B Stock" guitar from them. Prompt delivery, great customer service, the guitar arrived and I could not tell difference from a brand new one tbh. They are great company, def legit.
  9. In this instance I think the SDX is the one to go for. But i think we could still achieve a lot if we simply opt for the EZX. It does seem like i have been waiting for years for this. I dabble with SD3 but mainly to tweak my drum midi. I then tend to use SSD5 on my midi. I am hoping this SDX or EZX pulls me back to working with one drum module, that being SD3. 🤔
  10. Great to see ya back!
  11. Wow, this is useful to know. I am on Cubase 10 and i think it does all i would ever need. But this upgrade price is super tempting. I like Chris's videos, I will have to watch this one and decide whether to upgarde:
  12. I have only had success moving midi into EZ Bass or Superior Drummer 3 for that matter using Cubase Pro 10. I have never had any luck dragging midi from Logic Pro X into a track of EZ Bass or from Studio One 4.
  13. Thanks, it took a few tries but they showed up!
  14. Same here not showing up for me.
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