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  1. Thanks, it took a few tries but they showed up!
  2. Same here not showing up for me.
  3. JRR shop seems to have very good upgrade prices, looks like i can upgrade my Bias FX1 Std to Bias FX2 Elite for $105.40. This may be best way for any of us to upgrade, if we do not get much of a price break by spinning the wheel.
  4. Merry Christmas to all, love you guys. This forum is my first stop in my every morning surfing 😘
  5. Mark Stow

    Toontrack BF Sale

    I love when TT does these, some nice prices. I am on the fence about the Rock Warehouse, do i need it....😬
  6. I will be interested to see what Toontrack EZ Bass will be like.
  7. Yep, 100% agree with this the Pre's are very clean on this. This Axe I/O is way better than the Roland Quad Capture that I was using.
  8. Of the 4 Tapes modules, which do you think is best for a classic to hard rock vibe, that is mainly the era I work in....
  9. I think you will love it, i just set my Axe I/O up as I am replacing my older Roland Quad Capture. Believe the hype this is built for us guitarists and I think I will enjoy my DAW mixing work a lot more with this unit. I am glad i took the plunge. Kudo's to IK Multimedia. I wish this was around a few years back, technology is an amazing thing!
  10. Update: My Axe I/O shipped, should be with me by end of Tuesday 8/27. So then i can register and get the counter up for us!
  11. OK guys . I am in. I ordered my Axe I/O from IK Multimedia, hoping it ships to me in next couple days. Looks like we have till Sat 31st Aug to register , so i hope i can get the counter up as soon as I get it and register it!
  12. Very professional production, sounds great!
  13. Yep same here waiting for Best Service with my license, I ordered it Monday...
  14. No you cannot use Cubase Pro without the USB E licenser. Definitely will not work without the E Licenser
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