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  1. For me, the synchronization between track view and mixer view does not work when I hide or show a track in the track manager. The checkbox is checked, but has no effect. However, if I hide the track via the context menu, the synchronization works. Unfortunately, I have to fade in and out separately in both views, because I need the track manager for this. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I use the XTouch mini from Behringer with the AZ controller. Since the last update I have to reload the preset for my controller in the AZ controller after each start of CbB. Unfortunately it is no longer saved. I switched back to the old version of CbB and everything works as before. Is there a way for CbB to remember the settings again?
  3. This is exactly what happens inside the plugin. Mono goes in and stereo comes out. There are several effects within a plugin. It works in other DAWs as well. The problem with Waves has been mentioned several times. Now that they've worked on the signal processing, I was just hoping that it would work properly now.
  4. I had hoped that the problem with the mono/stereo plugins from Waves was finally solved. I tried the CLA series, but unfortunately it still doesn't work. Only mono comes out - too bad.
  5. Why is touch-screen support not completed? Except for the track view, the piano roll view and the tempo view, I can operate everything with the touch-screen. What is the problem with making the rest work? Am I the only one who wants that?
  6. Hello, first of all thank you for the update. I find the possibility of creating instrument tracks per output very space-saving. Can you program it so that we can specify the number of tracks? I don't always need all of them. Currently I help myself by hiding the unused tracks to make them visible again when needed. I noticed that the number of hidden and shown tracks does not synchronize between the track and mixer view, although the check mark is set in the track manager.
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