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  1. Mark the front clip and move it back to the correct position. Since you made both recordings one after the other and did not change the configuration, the cause is probably your timing when recording.
  2. As far as I understand it, the band works with mp3 files. Mp3Gain adjusts the RMS level of the tracks. I think if the mp3 bitrate is high enough, it should also work as a backing track.
  3. If you want to adjust the volume of your mp3 files, try the mp3Gain program. It's free and has worked reliably for me for many years. You can adjust entire folders or normalize individual files to a predefined value.
  4. Create a midi track and drag the data from the audio track into it. Now you can control any virtual instrument with the midi data.
  5. The problem must be with you. The error does not occur with me. I have version 2.7.3. as VST3.
  6. Bei den Bussen erscheint nur eine Wellenform, wenn du die Wellenformvorschau (rechts neben Solo) aktivierst. Zum anderen Problem: Hast du vielleicht den Masterbuss auf mono gestellt? Teste doch mal, ob aus dem Kopfhörerausgang auch nur mono rauskommt.
  7. Overwriting templates doesn't work for me either. Save the changed template under a different name. Then open the template folder, delete the old file and rename the new one.
  8. I have tried both of your variations. Both work great. Thanks for your effort.
  9. For me, the synchronization between track view and mixer view does not work when I hide or show a track in the track manager. The checkbox is checked, but has no effect. However, if I hide the track via the context menu, the synchronization works. Unfortunately, I have to fade in and out separately in both views, because I need the track manager for this. Am I doing something wrong?
  10. I use the XTouch mini from Behringer with the AZ controller. Since the last update I have to reload the preset for my controller in the AZ controller after each start of CbB. Unfortunately it is no longer saved. I switched back to the old version of CbB and everything works as before. Is there a way for CbB to remember the settings again?
  11. This is exactly what happens inside the plugin. Mono goes in and stereo comes out. There are several effects within a plugin. It works in other DAWs as well. The problem with Waves has been mentioned several times. Now that they've worked on the signal processing, I was just hoping that it would work properly now.
  12. I had hoped that the problem with the mono/stereo plugins from Waves was finally solved. I tried the CLA series, but unfortunately it still doesn't work. Only mono comes out - too bad.
  13. Why is touch-screen support not completed? Except for the track view, the piano roll view and the tempo view, I can operate everything with the touch-screen. What is the problem with making the rest work? Am I the only one who wants that?
  14. Hello, first of all thank you for the update. I find the possibility of creating instrument tracks per output very space-saving. Can you program it so that we can specify the number of tracks? I don't always need all of them. Currently I help myself by hiding the unused tracks to make them visible again when needed. I noticed that the number of hidden and shown tracks does not synchronize between the track and mixer view, although the check mark is set in the track manager.
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