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    Thank you all for your suggestions and assistance!!! After using some of the items you posted and some help from support@cakewalk.com, we were able to get the registration completed. Got amazing support from them [and you guys]! - Definitely the case considering the company does not exist any longer... But, thank you again for all the consideration!
  2. James Stanley


    Thank you ALL for offering assistance! I am grateful for a community of helpful people! One of the main issues is that the user I have been working with did not remember ever setting up an account with Cakewalk or what email address would have been used to do so. If it would be possible to do a reverse lookup for his information [authentication required, of course] - that would be great, but there does not seem to be an option of that nature. I have contacted support@cakewalk.com and we have started working through the initial level information gathering stages... not there yet. All that said... keep the thoughts coming! Good, bad, ugly, and indifferent - I appreciate the feedback!
  3. James Stanley


    We are definitely working with a legacy version [Sonar 8.5 - upgraded from original 8.0]. This is being installed on a 64-bit Windows 10 PC. We have all the serial numbers and all of the information we need for the software. He did not keep records of past email addresses or logins or save the registration file somewhere 'safe'. I have a copied image of his original computer with the file structure intact; is there somewhere I could look for the registration "return" file? ***Thank you all for your responses!***
  4. James Stanley


    Hello, I have been working with a longtime fan of Cakewalk products to help get a new PC set up for him. I installed the software and now need to get the registration message box to stop popping up every time it opens. He has all of the Serial Numbers and original discs... we just cannot find any support to be able to get the registration squared away. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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