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  1. Ok thanks for your feedback Tezza. I will try your suggestions. The advanced button is on so that is ok.
  2. Yes I have. it generally shows the direct montoring level is on (red light) and I make sure the knob is turned all the way up (to the right) but don't here any noise produced by instruments or vocal through the headphones.
  3. Yes Tezza thank you this is the one. In my sonar I have an input monitoring button that can be pressed on any given track. when the digital in button is off on my ua25 I get a light on the direct monitoring signal. I normally have this signal right over to the right but nothing notable happens....
  4. I've enabled asio driver input monitoring.. but no luck. which what I think you may be referring to?
  5. It's across all projects... when I turn the input monitoring on I get awful feedback while having the digital in button on my cakewalk ua ex 25 pressed in... I've actually never been able to hear myself or what i'm playing and it's been years. I've simply had to have one ear in the headphones and one ear listening to the instrument or my voice with the headphones slipped off and because the headphones levels need to be high for me to hear the mix I always end up with some of that in my songs because the mic captures the song playing in headphone bit that I have off my other ear!
  6. Hi guys Wondering if anyone would know the reason why I can't hear myself in real time through the microphones I have. I press the input monitoring button but nothing happens. I cant hear anything. I can still record and it captures the audio but I can't myself singing or playing and that makes it a lot harder to record anything decent as I cant get the feedback in real time. cheers. Ben
  7. Thanks for your feedback Byron. Yes, that's one of the issues I have. My bedroom is a poor shape and my speakers aren't placed right. It's just the way it is sadly. I'll endeavour to change things up. Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Thanks for your feedback Lynn. I'm aware of it needing to be in a another thread but it was more about a technical question regarding production. I'll try to save a few alternative mixes along the way in times to come to give me a better understanding across multiple devices too. Thanks again for your feedback. It is much appreciated.
  9. Thank you irelevant. Side chaining is something that would help for sure. thanks so much for your input. cheers Ben Armistad
  10. all excellent stuff Cactus. I've probably gone about it sightly wrong in that I've put high pass on individual tracks a bit much instead of buss... thanks for all the help. You've got some sound knowledge for sure.
  11. thanks Tezza. Much appreciated. I understand you regarding some of the words.. I'm a kiwi. That might be it,haha. i'll have to sort the bass and kick out a bit though... thanks again. much appreciated.
  12. Ok thanks you very much for continued feedback... I can get your thoughts regarding the drone like , i've been unable to separate the bass from itself if you like. I'll try giving it more mids and less low end. .. it's "plucked mutes" preset in studio instruments bass guitar...
  13. Hi Cact Hi Cactus. The bass and kick are there... or at least on my monitors, headphones might be called in to check my end on the low end... I'm more thinking into the overall sonic sound, I find my releases always seem a little one dimensional or something compared. I just can't place what it is.... Thanks for your feedback about the low end though.
  14. Hi guys and girls I've attached a sample of a song I'm about to released. I'm on spotify etc.. It seems that all my mixes are missing something sonically? some sort of space or energy when compared to commercial releases and I can't put my finger on what I need to do... I'm not talking about the composition itself. but my mixes... just wondering if some helpful people would give some constructive thoughts.... It seems to me to do with stereo width / lacking compression / or reverb something just isn't quite right.. I play the guitars and those and vocals are always recorded mono and all virtual instruments / drums are programmed... I typically use universal reverb across my entire mix.... Any feedback would be much appreciated. Ben Armistad. Soldier's Prayer 3 .Mp3
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