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  1. Hi,
    the tracks of the backing vocals have no effect at all in the pro channel (only the EQ), but the buss does. It was not enough to switch off the pro-channel in the bus. I actually had to delete the PC76 and PC2A that were on there. Then it worked. I hope it will stay that way.

    A bug in the pro channel?

    Many thanks for your answer!!!


  2. Hi,

    how can that be? Tracks 43 and 46 show full level when the transport bar passed the muted clips (sometimes it's different tracks or buses). All the backing vocals cannot be heard. The BV bus level is 0 although the fader is not down.


    While trying to find the error, I started deleting plugins. Sometimes it worked again (e.g. PC76 or the PC2A Leveler or Izotope Vocaldubbler), but only for a short time.

    If I delete the clips that are muted it looks a little different. Then there are short full peeks on the BV tracks when they come in but the Buss remains silent.

    What can I do?


  3. Hello everybody,

    I have a recording that was recorded without metronome, which I would like to give a single BPM number. I created a Tempomap and wanted to use the function "Clip follows project" to get Audiosnap to unify the tempo. This works well for the clips that start with the project. But I also have clips that start in the middle of it and then they are no longer in sync with the rest.

    What can I do?

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