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  1. Did the upgrade to 5.0.2. Seems to be working good. They fixed the problem where the stand alone version would not retain the ASIO buffer settings. Also the default amp on opening is now quiet, before it had a fairly loud buzz.
  2. Major problems. I just sent IK Multimedia support the following email - says it all. "I own Amplitube 4 Max & just purchased Amplitude 5 (not max). The instruments included in Amplitube 4 Max show up in Amplitube 5 but just about every amp module I launch says it is missing items not yet owned. All of these amp modules work correctly in Amplitube 4 Max. I own: Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Mesa Boogie, Orange, Fender Collections 1 & 2, Metal, Ampeg SVX, Amplitude SVX - and almost every preset in all of them is telling me I don't own the gear (stomp boxes, speakers, effects, ect). I have unauthorized & re-authorized Amplitube 5, plus ran Restore My Purchases in the Custom shop, several times and I still can't use my Amplitube 4 Max amps and presets in Amplitube 5. This is useless to me. How can we fix this?" Should have saved my money.
  3. Took me almost 30 minutes of re-clicking timed out screens but I finally finished the sale!
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