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  1. Welp, I ran as admin and it worked... Thank you, scook! Legendary as always😁
  2. Hello everyone. So, as revealed in the title, I've run into a problem with CbB when trying to load a particular plugin. I've had Cakewalk for a few months, and love it because of its cool interface and fast, intuitive mixing. Everything was going smoothly --that is until this happened. I got a new PC, and am in the process of copying over all my samples, projects, and VST's. This particular VST, which worked perfectly on my old machine, with the same OS (Windows 10), the same version of CbB installed, and worse system resources, doesn't load. Instead, on dropping it into a project, I am greeted with a popup: "Can't Load module: dehaupt DH_ModuleKey 1.0.2+" ...when I click OK, followed by: Can't load module: Pitch Shifter_CK2007 ... Can't load module:Pitch Shifter_CK2007 Can't load module: Mod_Osc_CK2003a Can't load module: Mod_Osc_CK2003a Can't load module: Mod_Osc_CK2003a Can't load module: Mod_Osc_CK2003a Can't load module: sc:CascMult Can't load module: sc:CascMult Can't load module: sc:CascMult Can't load module: X_Mix_CK2004 Can't load module: X_Mix_CK2004 Can't load module: Synthedit Int to List2 ... Then, the GUI loads up, but no sound plays and the track is silenced indefinitely. I haven't an inkling of an idea what's causing this. It's one .dll, no installed, no directories required, I don't see what could go wrong. Any thoughts??? ***My only lead is that it's related to BitBridge, since it's a x32 plugin and the directory of the error message has "BitBridge" in the title. Thank you in advance!!!
  3. This is my favorite DAW!!! Better than a lot of the paid ones in my opinion! Thank you for all you do.
  4. Yeah that's the plan at this point. Now it's just a matter of waiting and seeing what they say. Thanks, man.
  5. Hey guys, so recently I downloaded and installed CbB in an effort to rekindle my inspiration after a year or two of using Reaper... (which was getting kind of stale, workflow wise). So far, I really like Cakewalk because of the U.I. --smooooth-- and because of the streamlined mixing with Pro Channel. However, there is one minor inconvenience that I've found. I have a Nektartech Impact GX-49 MIDI keyboard, which has a section featuring basic transport controls... play, stop, record, next patch, etc. Included in the software downloads are files that allow the control surface buttons to be mapped to their corresponding transport commands in many major DAWs, among them CW SONAR. I had previously installed these preferences in both Reaper and FL Studio, and both worked fine, but when followed the same project in CbB, AND added the Impact as a Control Surface in Preferences, it did not work. It also made the project file I was using start doing some weird stuff, like muting MIDI notes and only playing the track i had selected when I pressed 'Play. ' Tried multiple re-installs, same result. Has anyone else had this issue with these keyboards? If so, is there some sort of solution to the problem? Thank you in advance for the help, it is very much appreciated.
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