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  1. There's one good reason to use this feature with a negative value, if possible: To let the Strings of a plugin start a little bit earlier to sound more realistic 😉
  2. Hi Ricky, the wrong link, this one is better: http://forum.cakewalk.com/UPDATED-Configuring-Your-APro-to-Work-WithWithout-ACT-m2181430.aspx it helped me to setup the APRO. It'S easy, just open PRefs and click on the right devices. I haven't installed AZ Controller yet but a friend of mine got it going
  3. Maybe this helps: http://forum.cakewalk.com/tm.aspx?&m=2077977&mpage=1 You may even like to use "AZ Controller", made by User AZSLOW(.com) Have fun with your Cakewalk-made-to-measure-controller 😉
  4. Trying the srub tool - pressing J and "marking" the track with the left mouse button - leads to "A dropout has stopped the Audio Engine (12)". But "Realtek HD Audio" in this Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 running on Asio4All might not be the right audio solution. I will try it on my Roland Quadcapture later. 😉
  5. ADSR is known for crashes if no sample is loaded in it. Have you checked this?
  6. Hmm...I heard about a Tool made by @azslow3 called "AZ Controller", maybe this could help? I'm planning to try it with my A-Pro300 soon...
  7. ...and isn't it correct that you can have installed and run Sonar and CakewalkByBandlab on your pc at the same time? If CbB doesn't work for some reasons (I can't imagine any) you can still run Sonar? No risk at all, I think.
  8. I'd add a new track to the project and record a kind of a manual made beat - just hit your keyboard and record e.g. a bass drum. This takes an amount of time and you have to be good at playing along in the right tempo but you can edit your recording and correct your mistakes. After that create a tempo map from that new track and surprise - it'll be exactly on the beat (hopefully) 😉 and you can align your AD to it. Just a little hack if you're good at playing along with band ... I did it once and I was very satisfied with the result. No automation is used but you wasted no time in trying to find the ultimate setup for it. What do you think?
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