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  1. I made good experiences with these tips: http://forum.cakewalk.com/UPDATED-Configuring-Your-APro-to-Work-WithWithout-ACT-m2181430.aspx
  2. I had this a while ago, too. 1. Switch Preferences, Audio Driver to "WASAPI" (or whatever, away from ASIO). Restart Cakewalk. 2. Switch Preferences, Audio Driver back to "ASIO". Restart Cakewalk. 3. Happy again? All the best 2U J'ai eu ça aussi il y a quelques temps. 1. Basculez Préférences, Pilote audio sur "WASAPI" (ou autre, loin d'ASIO). Redémarrez Cakewalk. 2. Basculez Préférences, Pilote audio sur "ASIO". Redémarrez Cakewalk. 3. Heureux à nouveau ? Tout le meilleur
  3. I would suggest to have a look in this brilliant tutorial: ("Export" starts at 07:15) Have you tried to use filename tags to get unique filenames? Please note the difference between the two buttons at the bottom. The "Export" button directly exports and there's no need to create tasks... In my opinion the new export is a huge timesaver. OK, there's a learning curve. But that will be a good investment. Have fun 😉
  4. @Robert McClellan Did you see Cakewalk Software's Facebook post today? I hope you haven't been caught by the bandlab.dev partnership scam... https://www.facebook.com/CakewalkInc/ Does anybody know more about it?
  5. really like this one http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.07.html
  6. yes, try this one: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.49.html If your PC is too slow in switching these, bounce the Mix scenes and send them through a bus without effects. PS: To switch between the bounced versions use "exclusive solo"-switch and the solo buttons of the bounced tracks.
  7. I'd just right-click on the clip, select "Convert to mono". Afterwards I'd switch the track to interleave = mono. Wondering if it works for you, too. Please try a before-after-listening to avoid bad surprises AllTheBest2U
  8. Sound great. Just some more ideas / questions on this: What would be the exact benefits of having a native cakewalk sampler in comparison to VST samplers like Momentum, ADSR etc. regarding the workflow? Would it be a real time saver? What would be the integration points in cakewalk's media browser etc.? I think a more detailed view on these advantages could better demonstrate the need of e.g. a loop construction view++ including a midi controlled use of the slices. Let's find some more brainstorms. BTW: Isn't it possible to use FL Studio as a VST plugin in Cakewalk? Does maybe even its sampler work in this case? AlTheBest2U
  9. Have you tried to setup the download path cakewalk folder as an exception in the windows defender setup? Maybe the download gets quarantined for its lack of a signature… Viel Erfolg!
  10. As a workaround you may place an empty FX-Chain-PC-Module before and after the EQ-PC-Module. The FX-Chain-PC-Module has two gain knobs, indeed. 😉
  11. see https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X2&language=3&help=Arranging.32.html If clips are linked, they all own the same content, e.g. if you change one - you change all of them.
  12. Have you tried de-selecting "Realtek Digital Output" and selecting "Speakers..." on the first page? Always first de-select, then select audio devices... 😉
  13. The trick is to deactivate the OBS preview after fittting all together in OBS so your CPU has more power left to encode the video file. And if you use the same resolution for the screen and the recorded file the CPU won't need to render this up or down... Have fun 😉 PS:
  14. Chris Lee indeed is a sensational good RnB singer and Cakewalk user!
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