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  1. Have you tried to install the newest version of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64)? see also This happens to many applications from time to time. This package is not automatically updated with win updates... All the best 2 U
  2. ThxAloT! I will check this. I started recording and mixing in the late 80ies (with a self-soldered Mixing "console" = 2 potentiometers soldered together with 6 Cinch connectors and telephone cable in a plastik box), an Amiga-500 and two tapedecks. No money but a lot of more or less good ideas. In that times we had not so much hard- or software which could hinder us from getting our musical ideas on the compact cassette 😉 There very a plenty of Amiga discs with Soundtracker samples and I had to play the discjockey to load a song into 2 MB RAM. BTW: I have all these "AIFF"-like files on my PC now but how can I convert them into WAV? They all are 8bit, around 20khz but have no file header which would tell the software of nowadays how to interpret them. I tried a batch convert them with Audacity but that didn't work either. So I'll try to find the best of these old samples and will convert them manually... Maybe I'll find a way using the Amiga Emulator UAE? My old System runs on a 500MB diskfile but the old soundtracker programs are not compatible with AmigaOS3.1 🙂 All the best 2 U
  3. While you are talking about the past I get some strange thoughts: Any ideas how to convert Amiga-Soundtracker files to midi? 😉
  4. I would guess there's not enough free manpower at the moment for these things. But I dream of a kind of ARA-Interface to connect external tools like e.g. musescore. Let's see what the bakers say... All the best 2 U
  5. Try Microsoft ZoomIt. Just a Control+F4 and your screen is a big digital magnifier 😉
  6. Hi Andrés, try to cancel the process "WavesLocalServer" with your taskmanager before you start the setup (sndfile.dll could be locked). It's a known issue at the moment (until the hotfix is released). All the Best 2 U
  7. Have you tried the way through the Bandlab Cloud Version? https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022218453-Integration-between-BandLab-and-Cakewalk- Another way could be this one (but you have to insert the VST in every track): https://mixedinkey.com/satellite/ All the Best 2 U
  8. Have you tried to install the latest Build 91 of the Early Access Hotfix? All the Best 2 U
  9. Hi everybody, I think this could also be a new "feature" since the last Win10-Update. A few minutes ago I had a similar problem installing the latest update of Ocenaudio with "Qt5Concurrent.dll". Maybe Windows changed its behaviour regarding the locking of dlls used by applications? All the best 2 U PS: Even the CbB-Hotfix Installer bld.88 had this problem with "sndfile.dll". I fixed it by shutting down the Waves process - as usual 😉
  10. @solarluxI made this experience, too. Please don't try to use Drum Replacer as an VST-Insert. It should only be used as an region-effect like Melodyne. You may use the VST-Manager to disable it as a plugin... 😉 All the best 2 U
  11. I tend to use Microsoft "ZoomIt". If installed, just press Ctrl+4 and your screen gets zoomed. Afterwards press Ctrl+ArrowUp/Down to change the zoomfactor. It's so easy... All the best to you
  12. Maybe this helps: http://forum.cakewalk.com/UPDATED-Configuring-Your-APro-to-Work-WithWithout-ACT-m2181430.aspx Have Fun
  13. I really like this solution, especially knowing that at least since Win3.1 "Ctrl+TAB" switches between two windows in the same application. Thanks, Craig. You're awesome as always!
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