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  1. Jahrika!


    i apologize, in that one i was talking about cakewalk, and this one was about bandlab.
  2. Jahrika!

    bad mic quality

    and do you know of any plugins that would make all the background noise go away? or anything to even slightly increase how it sounds?
  3. Jahrika!


    yes it is. is the usb mic a problem?
  4. Jahrika!

    bad mic quality

    so is there no way to do it with a usb mic? i have to get a different one?
  5. Jahrika!


    ive used bandlab on my chromebook for so long with the exact same microphone, but when i switched to windows it all changed. whenever i have my microphone connected it makes the beat very "underwater-like". any ways to fix it?
  6. Jahrika!

    bad mic quality

    so i have a blue yeti microphone and its perfect. when i use it anywhere its completely fine, except cakewalk. It sounds super muffled, you can still hear me but its bad quality compared to when i use it in bandlab. so if anybody has a answer or way to fix it, please tell me cause all i wanna do is make music 😭
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