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  1. You are a life saver! 😍 That's exactly what it was. I changed the resolution and there appeared the plugin window before me. Thank you! 💖
  2. Ok, it seems like it might be a more serious problem. It's affecting all my projects now, though for some smaller ones it works temporarily upon opening and then breaks. I've been having issues with Windows lately, I'm guessing this is another one for the list. 😞
  3. It's nothing like that, unfortunately. There just aren't any new windows opening at all on either of my monitors, nothing showing up in the windows taskbar, etc.
  4. I'm hoping I've just accidently clicked a button or mashed a hotkey here - but in one specific project I've been working on, the windows for FX won't open anymore when I click on them. When I click on any effect in the FX rack, the cakewalk window becomes inactive as though switching to a new window - but no new window appears. I can only guess it's opening the effect somewhere else, or something? 🤔 Again everything works normally in other projects, it's just this one I'm having issues with.
  5. Ah...alright. Can't afford it right now, but I'll think about replacing it as soon as I can. Any recommendations? I've been looking at Superior Drummer 3 and FXpansion BFD3... I'm using Cakewalk by Bandlab now of course, rather than Sonar 8.5 itself - if that's at all relevant.
  6. Right. So the question still stands then; Is there another way I can update my SD3?
  7. I don't have Sonar Platinum. Command Center says I don't have any products, even though I have Sonar 8.5 Producer registered on the website.
  8. I downloaded command center, but my products are not showing up in it - even though they are registered on the website. I googled this and people are saying nothing prior to the most recent version of sonar will show up, which is useless to me as I only have sonar 8.5. Is there another way I can update SD3?
  9. No idea 😕 I've never done either manually. I already have 16 GB so I doubt it's that...if it is I'm stuck. Sure - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nznk9ujyuhfaumw/05092019_212759.dmp?dl=0
  10. Hello~ I'm having a serious problem at the moment... Every time I try to unfreeze my Session Drummer 3 track folder in my current project, it crashes cakewalk. (had it frozen due to CPU needs) There were times when I managed to get it to work in the past by clicking the unfreeze icon on different individual drum pieces within the folder, but even that doesn't seem to work anymore. Anyone know what might be causing this, or have any ideas of how to get around it? Below is an image of the error that pops up;
  11. Wow - well, thanks everyone~ Will get onto the new DAW asap 😊
  12. What free updates? I'm not "ignoring" anything. I have also not been using it for 9 years, this is the first time. All I've really needed in the past is Session Drummer 3, Cakewalk TTS-1 and occasionally DropZone. I think you are right about it resetting something though, because it's working even when I uncheck that option now too. Checking it must have reset something, as I can hear it with it unchecked now too.
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