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  1. Hi Greg. You just made my day. Stories like yours are why the community is so important to us all. I'm happy to have been of service. Keep making beautiful music. Gary :)
  2. Word of warning. There's one minor typo in in the Instrument section in the header of Bank D It reads [Hyrda-Bank-D] when it should read [Hydra-Bank-D] Here's a corrected version. Otherwise it seems to work well enough. Gary hydrasynth-ins.zip
  3. Just in case anyone out there just got one of these beasties and needs an INS file for it here's one I've created that seems to work well. Releasing it to the community and if anyone has any bug fixes or improvements to add please post them here as well. Cakewalk R00LZ!!!!! Gary hydrasynth-ins.zip
  4. You're very welcome. :) It was my pleasure to share with the community. :) I've done about a half dozen of these over the past two decades and I've always appreciated when others shared their work and advice to save me the trouble. I consider it to be one of Cakewalk's strongest features that the format of the INS file remained constant through every generation. This has been one of the main reasons I've remained loyal to the platform since last century. :) Gary ;)
  5. Someone got me started on this today and did most the of the heavy lifting so I completed the file today by cleaning out the illegal characters and adding Juno Di drum kits to the file. Here is what seems to be a good, working INS file for the Roland Juno DS complete with patches and drum kits. Thanks to those who worked on this before me and please post any improvements you might make in this thread. Gary ;) Roland-Juno-DS-200-ins.zip
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