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  1. If you're in midi drums of some sort go to the note insert tool, click and hold the pen down until a drop list shows, the paint tool is there....
  2. Please, I have searched for the reason, but have not yet found why, or how: sometimes, when I Paint Patterns they will paint continuously, for as long as I drag the mouse to the upper right of the piano view window; still, other times, they will only paint the amount of measures that are high lighted: if I have one measure highlighted/selected, the pattern painter will paint one measure and then stop, and then I can paint another measure and then it stops painting. The same thing is true, if I have 8 or 16 measures selected -- it will paint 8 or 16 measures and then stop, the number of selected measures is irrelevant, it only paints the amount of measures that I have selected. Yet, as I said in the first sentence, sometimes, I can have 1 or 2 or 4 or 10 measures selected, but it will keep painting, until I quit dragging the mouse to the right. I have watch closely to see what I am doing, but so far I haven't noticed anything that I am doing, different, to make the pattern painter sometimes paint continuously and other to only paint the amount of measures selected.... Thanks, It will be interesting to find out what is and what isn't....
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