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  1. Thanks all! Yes, I found it under screenset 5 for a quick change yesterday. Will test some more to get the full window back 🙂 Cheers M
  2. Alt-3 shows the Piano Roll etc. but Alt-2 won't work. It's a program that normally opens across 3 screens on another machine and Alt-2 is usually on screen 2. This is a new laptop installation. Any clues? Thanks M
  3. Yes, that was the workaround - bit of a pain if there were a lot of them in a work in progress. Definitely a bug I think but I don't need the metronome count-in more often than not. M
  4. For a long time I've been having a problem where Melodyne clips play delayed by 1 bar when recording. Yesterday I reduced the count-in metronome to 0 bars instead of 1 and the Melodyne clips played in time. Don't know if it's a known bug but glad I found it 🙂 M
  5. Exactly mettelus...same thing with Izotope Ozone 🙂
  6. Thanks Chuck, indeed, except that it was the demo mode of Vegas and its plugins rather than TH2/3 as I had mistakenly thought! 🙂
  7. Thanks mettelus. I've now tracked it down to a Sony/SoundForge Simple Delay plug-in which I use to thicken mono tracks into stereo - I installed Vegas Video 10 and didn't authorise it, so apologies to you and Overloud for the confusion 😞 Thanks for taking the time to try and track it down for me 🙂 Doh! Best Murray
  8. Thanks as always scook Hmm...maybe that's a default response from Overloud. Yes, Windows sounds are disabled.
  9. Overloud are telling me to uninstall and reinstall CwB. I have SPLAT too, so maybe I have to uninstall and reinstall that as well. I have X2 underneath those two so presumably I won't lose all the VST and shared folders etc.? Thanks M
  10. Thanks Mettelus. Yes, same interface, Clarett 4Pre. I have TH2 Full version authorised on both systems as well.
  11. When the old system is set to Stereo input it doesn't exhibit the same beeping.... At a loss...? M
  12. Ah, thanks mettelus. If I set it to RIGHT the beep gets louder. If I set it to LEFT it disappears, so I assume that is the correct setting. I'll check my old system later :-) Cheers!
  13. Thanks Chuck. I haven't started any of the Full Featured Demos and I can't find any TH3 VSTs in my backups or on my old system...
  14. Thanks. Well, it's a project copied directly from the other machine, which is fine. I don't know if I've installed extra modules - it would be nice if it could give me some indication of what is wrong other than just a constant beep! It's definitely TH3 because it goes away if I mute all instances. M
  15. Hello folks, Had an SSD failure after 2 months so just reinstalled everything including Platinum and CbB. I have a track with TH3 and it emits constant regular beeping noises. Do I need to register/authorise it? The Overloud site only has my TH2 registrations and it's all working fine on my other laptop. Many Thanks! M
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