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  1. Thanks Billy...yes, that worked! I got one error but rebooted and the plugins all seem to load OK. Pleasantly surprised at the speed of response too. Phew! Thanks so much! Best M
  2. Sort of glad I'm not the only one, but not really... Emailed Waves and hoping for a further reply tomorrow. Tried rescanning CbB plugins but it goes into a loop of asking to open a folder where the plugins reside and not accepting anything. Hate it when you end up wasting days on this with tight deadlines! Best M
  3. Found the licenses but when opening a project Cakewalk says error loading WaveShell1-VST3 9.92_x64 and WaveShell1-VST3 11.0_x64 They are in the folder it is searching. Latest version of Cakewalk. Any clues? Cheers! M
  4. Hello folks, I worked on a project an hour ago, which was fine. Just went back in and no Waves plugins are loading for that or any other project. Went to Waves Central and no V9 or 11 plugin licenses are showing. Benn having problems with Cakewalk unceremoniously shutting down the PC when playing projects recently so I don't know if it's Waves, Cakewalk or general PC malaise 😞 Cheers for any pointers M
  5. Hello folks, I'm trying to finish a project that was started in 2009 and have been saving new .cwp files as I've gone along. Somewhere along the line it seems to have got in a twist where I've had Melodyne edits completely lost and adding 6 new audio WAVs made the .cwp balloon from 9mb to 36mb increasing save times by literally minutes. Is there a neat way of copying the audio/midi and all mix settings to a brand new project and hopefully kick out the jams somehow? Many thanks for any ideas. M
  6. Hello Folks, I'm pretty sure I used to hit Cmd+Home and the Now time would alternately RTZ or return to the start of the looped section. Now it is only RTZ. What is the function to Return to Start of looped section and is there a standard key sequence for it? Cheers! M
  7. Indeed, he often beats many to it! 😉 Thanks guys. One thing as well - I've added 11 stereo audio drum tracks and split them into some 1 bar sections. The project has gone from 10mb to 30mb in size and takes considerably longer to save. Is that a normal thing? Thanks M
  8. Hello guys, Is this possible e.g. for highlighting all drum fills on a track etc.? Cheers M
  9. Thanks John. Yes, paid for and not rendered with every save. It seems to work after rebooting my PC and then stops working when re-opening subsequently. Also lost a lot of edits this evening, Not sure what's going on or if there is some program conflict happening...? Bizarre. M
  10. Hello peeps, Just opened a project saved last year and the Melodyne regions won't play. I'm sure I got them to play the other day but can't remember what I did. Anyone come across this oddity? It's Melodyne Studio and CbB latest version. Thanks! M
  11. Thanks. I was confused that I had obviously loaded the preset at some point but that it was no longer there. Perhaps they are in a downloadable pack somewhere but yes I have TH2 as well.
  12. Hi folks, I used Overloud TH2 in a project and can see the preset no. (e.g. 3.4 Experience TH1 Rock Sampler Crunch}. I switched to TH3 in the past & seem to have used the same but can't see the preset name identified in TH3 - any idea where it might be? Not my favourite interface :-( Thanks! M
  13. Thanks all! Yes, I found it under screenset 5 for a quick change yesterday. Will test some more to get the full window back 🙂 Cheers M
  14. Alt-3 shows the Piano Roll etc. but Alt-2 won't work. It's a program that normally opens across 3 screens on another machine and Alt-2 is usually on screen 2. This is a new laptop installation. Any clues? Thanks M
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