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  1. @bdickens Yes, that is all correct. But I think that some developers still care about users who work with old programs and not only think about their current business. Klanghelm, for example, two years ago still made versions of its plugins that run on winxp. In fact, what bothers me most is the arrogance of companies that, with reference to technical progress, fire up the engine of permanent change with the updates that go with it. There is no longer any interest in individual solutions. And those who don't want to or can't keep up are left behind. I want to make music and not constantly struggle with technical innovations. Probably I will change the interface if there is no solution for the problem. But maybe I will also get my old Fostex 4-track tape recorder from the attic. Today I saw that IK has recreated the Tascam recorder digitally.
  2. bdickens Thank you for the feedback. Also Presonus has in the manual of the interface that older drivers run on win10 and win7. In addition, I know software companies (eg MeldaProduction or Klanghelm) whose products still run on win7. The most important thing for me is that you are not forced to update to the current version, which can not work because the driver version only runs on win10. In addition, my win7 PC usually runs offline. Security issues do not play the decisive role. Downloads run over another PC with win10. Well, maybe there is another tip for me after all. Best regards RummieGit
  3. Hi, I am currently making music with a Presonus interface Studio 1824c. My old M-Audio interface has big technical problems. I use two Windows computers with win10 and still win7 (offline) . Both PCs are connected to the interface. With a switch I can connect the respective PC. This worked fine with my Maudio interface. Now I try to install the Presonus Universal Control (UC) also on both PCs. I use an UC driver which is supposed to be suitable for win10 and win7. After installation, the software prompts me to update the firmware on both PCs. This works fine on the win10 PC. An update to the current win7 firmware is not possible on the win7 PC. UC does not open. I can playback sound from DAWs, but I can't record anything without an internal mixer. Presonus support has replied to work only with win10. And terminated the threat. What a support!!! I can not and do not want to update the win7 PC at the moment. Who of you has an idea how I can open and use UC also on the win7 pc? Any tips would be appreciated. Kind regards RummieGit
  4. @abacab and @aidan o driscoll I would like to inform you briefly that I have found the error in the standalone file /AIR Drum Synth 500. There was a conflict between the Steinberg driver (ASIO Generic Lower Latency) and the ASIO driver of my M-Audio interface. Probably the DrumSynth wanted to start with the Steinberg driver and searched the driver in my interface in vain. In the end I am very happy now. Thanks again for your help and best regards RGit
  5. @abacab thanks for the link to the M-Audio drivers. I am using the 6.0.10 driver dated August 8, 2011. Oh ... 10 years old!! The more recent 6.1.8 and 6.1.9 drivers are not recommended by M-Audio for win10. Yes, and certainly I'm not going to buy a new interface for an inexpensive plugin. Especially if it works fine otherwise. The crash code I will still look for and test. @aidan o driscoll The internal sound card I have enabled in Cakewalk by bandlab. But even with the "Generic low latency ASIO-driver/Realtek" standalone version of the plug does not open. I will work with the plugin in my DAW and contact AIR-Music service if needed. Thanks for the tips and helpful support. Have a nice day.
  6. @aidan o driscoll, I installed the program from the download folder (C disk) to the folder selected by the program: C-Programs-VstPlugnis. The vst file and the standalone file are both in the selected folder.The standalone file only has a size on 511 KB. Seems very small to me. Tried a reinstall to another newly created folder on C: Audio and VST. Unfortunately, after pressing the .exe file/Standalone, the program appears only briefly on the monitor. (Aside: the icon of the file is white, without colored symbol). When trying to adjust the settings (gear icon) the program freezes and there is a hint: "keine Rückmeldung" - no feedback" - and then the program crashes. @abacab, I will look for the crash code shortly and also try the free utility. My interface is from M-Audio, Fast Track Ultra 8R. The interface is a bit older but still serves its purpose.The drivers have not been updated for a few years, but still work fine under Win10 for recording and playback, for example. But maybe this is where the bug is??? Thanks a lot for your tips. I will report back to the forum soon..
  7. Hi dear forum members, I am new here in the forum. And please excuse my English. I purchased the VST instrument AIR Drumsynth500 at ProducerSpot and installed it. The plugin runs OK in Cakewalk by Bandlab. Unfortunately there is a problem with the standalone version. The instrument disappears from the monitor shortly after I click on the .exe file. Through the software the settings (drivers, outputs etc.) are not adjustable. The program crashes. Restarting the PC and reinstalling the software did not bring any success. I would be glad if someone could help me. Best regards RummieGit
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