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  1. Well, in my opinion as long as you don't use Thunderbolt a Mac makes no sense. Yes, Apple made great computers 10 years ago but today? No. And next year if thunderbolt becomes USB 4 - There will be even fewer reasons to buy a Mac for Music Production/recording. My advice in 2019. Install windows server 2019 for your music production/recording only. A streamlined windows 10 and you are ready to wait for USB4. And the mention MacBook Air is, in my opinion, the worst Music Produktion/recording Computer you could use. Why? That's why...
  2. I got no chain. They change a lot. But there are some "tricks" or better technics I do. For example (e)bass - d.i. and amp. Warren Huart from produce like a pro explains it pretty well. Great channel by the way. I do this split nearly always on bass. Even synth bass I often split.
  3. I like to set up buses. With the reverb/delay 100% wet. And then I send the amount I like from the different tracks. My Mixpreset has always my favourite room, plate and a hall, a digital and a tape delay ready on 5 different busses. Only my lead vocals (always) and a lead instrument/vocals if necessary get a separate reverb/delay directly on the track. I do this to save Cpu power. Every instance of a (native) plugin takes some of your CPU power. Edit: of course my snare always gets like the lead vocals a separate reverb.
  4. Hi, One feature that sets cakewalk by bandlab apart from other daws is the pro channel. This is such a great feature! Bandlab should take advantage of it. There should be some upgrades for the FX chain module. I would love to see an FX Chain 2.0 where you can add and delete more Buttons/controls and even metering (like gain reduction readouts for compression). So it would be possible to create your own little simplified GUI for a plugin that does not have a pc module. This way users could create pc modules for the plugins they like and own and even share them. And there should be a smaller FXchain like pc module. That module should look like one line of the console views effects bin. Just the name of the plugin with an on/off button. A simple space-saving line. One thing I miss desperately in cakewalk by bandlab is VCA faders. Yes, I know you there is this workaround with (quick)grouping things but it's not the same as having VCAs like in every other daw. VCAs speed up the workflow a lot. greets Kawi
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