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  1. Jesse - Thanks. The link worked. Hopefully not having BA updated to the latest version did not affect my CBB installation last night (which seemed to be successful).
  2. Just this evening, I Updated CBB to 2021.01. The update was successful as far as I can tell so far. I used BandLab Assistance to do the update. One strange thing happened -- BandLab Assistant is saying: A new version of BandLab Assistant is available for update. I then hit the Update button, I then see a progress bar zip across towards 80% and then BandLab Assistant exits. I tried this multiple times and I continue to get the "A new version of BandLab Assistant is available for update." message followed by hitting the Update button. I also tried running as administrator. BandLab Assitant appears to not be updating. What's up with that?
  3. Paul P. : Glad you got Remote Desktop to work with Midi interfaces on the main DAW. I was also looking into UltraVNC. Anyone try UltraVNC for remote DAW control? One advantage to UltraVNC is that both the local and remote desktop can be active, avoiding the need to connect/login/logout/disconnect everytime you move back and forth between the Desktop/Tower DAW and the remote Laptop/Tower. Also it would allow for 2 users (1 at each desktop), of course this would require proper coordination between the users to avoid mouse battles
  4. I did some googling of remote desktop midi and found some info from folks who have had a similar problem as Paul P above. Here is a possibly relevant thread in the Steinberg forum: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=107721 Apparently Remote Desktop supports audio redirection by default in some setups and also apparently audio redirection also implies MIDI redirection.
  5. Thanks Paul P. Yes as far as USB MIDI goes, my intent would be to wire that all to the desktop (tower) DAW PC. As mentioned above all audio would be via the UFX+ audio interface on my DAW PC. So the Surface Pro would only be used as a remote display/touchscreen/ and/or kybd/mouse. Would that work OK? Also curious -- was there a problem using a WiFi router/home network for the Remote Desktop communication?
  6. Thanks for your response razor7music. I would not be using any audio internal to or attached to the Surface Pro. All the audio would be via the desktop DAW PC and its attached RME UFX+ audio interface.
  7. I am looking to purchase a Surface Pro 6 tablet, running Windows 10 Pro. I would use this for multiple purposes in the studio, but most significantly as a remote control for my desktop DAW PC (i7 8700k 4.7 GHz, built by Jim Roseberry at Studiocat). Jim suggested that I run Windows Remote Desktop on the Surface Pro 6. Sounds like a great idea to me. I would use this when I am in various parts of the room where I can't easily get to the desktop DAW PC/Monitor/Kybd/mouse, eg sitting at the piano or the edrum kit. I would use this to control Cbb, control the transport, tweak VST's, etc, as well as controlling the monitor mix using RME TotalMix for my UFX+ audio interface. I would have the Surface Pro networked on my home intranet via WiFi (802.11ac). My DAW desktop PC is connected to my router via GigE cat5 cable. Anyone have experience using Windows Remote Desktop in the manner described above? In particular, I am interested in how this affects performance, latency, and display smoothness (eg meters, sliders, knobs, text updating, etc) on the remote device. On a reasonable powerful desktop DAW, I am hoping this will operate smoothly enough so that I can run the remote continuously during tracking.
  8. When I go to the top menu Utilities -> Burn Audio CD …, nothing happens. An Audio CD Burner pop-up menu is supposed to open, but this is not happening for me. I noticed that a few people mentioned having this problem back on the old Cakewalk forum. Did anyone find the solution?
  9. Ok thanks Scook. I'll see if I can get Channel Tools installed. Any idea if there were any updates to Channel Tools going from the X3 version to Platinum? One thing I liked about A1StereoControl, at first look, it appears to be a fairly basic GUI (versus Flux Audio StereoTool v3) and thus might be light on CPU usage. I'll checkout Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob also.
  10. I'm back up and running with Cakewalk by Bandlab after a long hiatus. My last version of Sonar was X3. I was holding-off setting up the Single Sign On and purchasing Platinum until I had a chance to upgrade to a Windows 10 DAW PAC. In the meanwhile, Gibson divested and shutdown Cakewalk. I wish I had not procrastinated. Now I'm getting my new Windows 10 DAW PC setup with Cbb and for now I'm trying to get by without installing any of the legacy versions of Sonar. One plug-in I'm immediately missing (and needing) is Channel Tools. As a replacement for Channel Tools, I've downloaded and installed A1Audio A1StereoControl. My main use for this is stereo panning of several external H/W synths and line6 Pod guitar modelers. Anyone using this A1StereoControl plug? If so, has it worked satisfactorily for you?
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