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  1. Hello Richard and folks, I use to run my SONAR from a laptop for years, and just like you I was P. O'd, finally my rep at Sweetwater "Dave Brow", suggested that I buy a Sweetwater Creation Station, so I did, I purchased the Sweetwater Creation Station v5 with an Intel 7700 cpu, 32Gb of RAM with upto 64Gb MAX, support for 3 monitors which I actually run, and I have been happy ever since, seriously get yourself a Creation Station or at least check it out first. Jimi Jones
  2. Yeah, I was able to get Studio One because I purchased the FaderPort 16, at after installation I immediately un-installed it, the UI is terrible, and it is definitely not easy like Cakewalk by Bandlab, then I tried MOTU digital performer for windows, again SUCKED big time, at that time I actually started to really appreciate the UI of Cakewalk by Bandlab, if I have one complaint that would be that Bandlab should have kept the name SONAR, because that name is well known in the industry, and I still to this day refer to it as SONAR, Please, Please go back to the SONAR name, I know its trivial but hey think about it, other than that Cakewalk by Bandlab is great, tightened up the code so it wouldn't crash in windows so much. Jimi Jones Taurean Matador Productions
  3. Scook, razor7music, and Colin Nicholls, Thank You Very Much gents, very much appreciated, I can't believe this feature was right in my face...LOL. Jimi Jones
  4. Hello Everyone, My name is Jimi Jones, I'm a long time SONAR user, and former beta tester in the 90's - https://soundcloud.com/jimi-jones-4. My topic is about sending in feature request, and who would I send that to, one feature I would like to see would be an expanded "Transpose" feature, where you could transpose by modes, i.e. Dorian, Lydian, ect. before I moved to Cakewalk I was using MOTU performer, and they actually have this feature, and its nice, except their windows version of digital performer doesn't look very nice to me, but I really do like that feature, and was wondering what would it take to get that introduced into Cakewalk by Bandlab, I think this feature could benefit alot of the cakewalk users. Thank You Very Much Jimi Jones The Jimi Jones Experience iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Smooth Jazz Category.
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