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  1. Hello Guys, I have been having a few issues with cakewalk since trying to move over. 1. When exporting a stereo mixdown of a project, I have frequently found glitch sounds over the exported track and when i re open Iam greeted with this message "a corrupt audio region was detected and padded with silence". Has anyone else came across this issue or does anyone have a fix for it? 2. Audio dropouts. I have experienced audio dropouts since downloading the bandlab version of cakewalk. I have updated all my drivers to the newest versions. Tried reinstalling everything however it is still fairly consistent. Sometimes when opening a plugin, even if its already on the track, sometimes without reason. I have changed buffer size to reduce latency when tracking but surely I shouldn't need to change sizes between tracking and mixing as this would make sessions very impractical. (As suggested on a facebook group) I have moved over from Cubase where I did not have any of these issues the whole time. My system has had no issues running very large sessions with tons of plugins. I would really love to be able to stick with cakewalk as I really enjoy the workflow and most things about it, I just need to iron out these final issues to be confident to use it in recording sessions with clients. Additional Info: System: Windows 7 16GB ram 64bit Operating system intel core i3 2100 Interface: Mackie Onyx Blackbird. Thanks!
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