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  1. Hi, In Cakewalk we can select clips by Time Ruler. This selection allows us to select all tracks in a specific area. Also we can select tracks that have clips by Right Click selection. It works well when we want to select tracks in the view. But there is no way to select all tracks that have clips in a specific area. It would be great if we can select them by right click selection in Time Ruler. By this way we can easily select tracks have clips in a range and show them.
  2. A Cakewalk TTS-1 General MIDI Template. Someone should have done this. GENERAL MIDI - TTS-1.rar
  3. When I use Insert from Track Template Right Click Menu, I see some folders are not available. I made a research and I found when I change the folders starting character, for ex. Woodwind to sWoodwind, it appears at the menu. Why it is happening like that?
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