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  1. I own a saffire pro 40, running windows 10. I have my mic plugged into the 3rd input of the saffire pro 40. I am getting a signal and can hear myself coming out of the 3rd input in my saffire mix control. That all works great. I can record into my daw using my interface with ease and no issues. However, Lets say I want to use skype, or zoom, or OBS, Basically anything other then Cakewalk. I cant get a signal. I goto my sound options to the bottom right in windows. I right click and make sure my interface is selected and enabled, then I make sure all the other options are disabled. Then whatever program im using I go into the software and select the saffire interface, But I still dont get any (green) levels in windows 10. My camera comes with a built in mic, so I tried enabling that to see if the mic would register and it indeed does and I get the green levels in windows 10 when I enable it, But when I disable my camera and enable my interface I get no green signal. What am I missing here. Can someone please help. Im lost.
  2. I want to make custom track icons for my projects. For example I have a "clock tower" sound and want a clock tower icon, but have no icon for that in cakewalk. How would you go about doing this? I know you have to convert the image to 96 x 96 and convert to bitmap? am I right? But what secure safe software out there will achomplish this? Suggestion? Thanks, Matthew
  3. So I have Addictive Drums open. I only have a Kick and a snare triggered in PRV. I click on the freeze track button to bust the track down so I can convert to Audio wave to save CPU. However, when I click on the freeze button it processes like its busting everything down, but when its done there are no audio clips. It looks as though it did nothing to the track, but the freeze button is lit up as though it processed. What am I missing? FYI, before I freezed the track I bounced to clips. Im confused? Please help. Thanks
  4. Thanks Again. If I have any Questions I will get a hold of you.
  5. If thats the case then after im done with the newest project I will give it a try. Where do I upgrade to the newest version. On the bandlabs website?
  6. Holding down control while to select multiple tracks doesn't work, but when I open any other project it does. I must have hit something. I tried looking in the keyboard shortcut section to see what I could find and I couldn't find anything. If anyone can give me some sort of resolve to this that would be awesome. Thanks you again! I'm using Sonar x3
  7. thats a good point I was mentioning to ask. I was told (by a friend) that If I upgrade to platinum I would lose alot of my vsts. I wouldnt be able to keep everything so ive been hesitant about it. I would love to upgrade but wasnt there a monthly subscription for platinum? I know cakewalk was bought out by bandlab but I dont know whats the status of all the varibles at the moment. Maybe you can enlighten me on the process and how everything would work. It sure would be nice to upgrade without any loss or conflicts. Thanks again! Starship Krupa !
  8. The send is post fader. I dont want to automate the reverb bus because I have other tracks sent out to that bus, so if I do automate the reverb bus it will also automate reverb for other tracks that are sent to that bus, which I dont want.
  9. So im new to using Sends.........I know I know. FML for not knowing about them till now. I'm still kinda a newb but im getting there. Heres my question. So I Made a Bus, Named it Reverb. Smacked a really nice reverb on there and will use this as a send bus for all tracks I need to add reverb to. I have this track called ( white noise ) its a combination of white noise and other things. Its a audio clip, not midi. Really nice for background stuff. I decided I want to add reverb to this clip. So, I created a send and routed it to the reverb bus. Well, I also Made a ( White noise ) "bus" so I could add compression and other stereo effects to the clip. Then routed the track to that bus. So, I now have the track bused out to the ( white noise ) "bus" and sent out using a send to the "reverb bus". I have everything sounding really nice, but the problem is I have a break in the song that I want the (white noise ) clip to stop and come back in. So I decide to do volume automation in order to silence the track at that point then automation to engage that track back when the break is over. However when I do that the trails from the reverb still linger and I dont want that to happen. So I also automated the original tracks send fader to silence the reverb as well. Now, the original tracks "volume" is automated and the original tracks "send fader" is automated, but I still hear the trails of the reverb lingering during that break. Im confused....? So as a test, I brought the "send" fader all the way down so the reverb is not audible. I then listen back to the track with just the volume automation applied and I don't hear any reverb or reverb tails existing on the clip or during the break in the song. So one would assume that by automating the original tracks "Volume" and the original tracks "send fader" would achieve the desired effect im going for, but to no avail. If anyone can enlighten me on what im missing so I can figure out what im doing wrong. It would be a great help. Thanks all. Also, I know that was a lot, so I can clarify any questions or confusion there might be.
  10. Is it possible to log this Topic as (Solved) somehow?
  11. Ok guys I figured out both issues ! As multiple people mentioned The "Auto Echo current track" was enabled. So I disabled and tested it again to see if the problem would persist. It didn't! Which is the cause of Question Number 1. Awesome! and thanks to all that suggested it. I will now on Disable that on all of my Templates so I can control the process of that flow and avoid any further complications. As for Question Number 2. Well it seems as though for whatever reason when the keyboard was triggering AD it lowered the Velocity hit within AD (Not PRV) Which is why everything in PRV looked peachy. As soon as I moved the velocity fader in AD the kick came back and everything was right as rain. Honestly, if it wasn't for this forum, and the previous Forum through Cakewalk I would be lost. Thanks again for solid troubleshooting and taking your time out of all your days to assist. On a side note. Though I am not yet a master of this program yet. I am a very experienced musician and would love to hear any music from you guys if you wanna send it my way. Im always looking for new sound and love critiquing if so desired. Much Love, God Bless -Vokalzz
  12. SJoens, I did this as well and the problem still exist. Anyone else have any Idea? I don't want to disconnect my Midi keyboard connections every time I want to use the Keyboard for (Out the box) Sounds.
  13. I turned off input echo on all midi devices and it did not fix the problem. I even Deleted all kicks and replaced with new midi notations and still no resolution. Let me be more clear. I recorded guitars (all audio tracks). I recorded bass (all audio tracks). Then I added addictive drums and drew in my drums free hand. After that I wanted to lay down synth so I decided to use my mini korg and that's when these issues started to happen. As I hit a key on my korg I heard the drums being played behind (in real time) over my audio data. Thats when The kick drum disappeared when I hit playback to listen to the song. The velocity in piano roll for the kicks are where they are supposed to be.
  14. Sonar X3 Micro Korg Keyboard / Synth Newb Question, 2 Part Question. I have my Keyboard hooked up via Midi and 1/4 inch jacks. (midi) is used for controlling vst within sonar while (1/4 jacks) are used to utilize the sounds within my synthesizer if so desired. ( First Question ) , The problem is when I'm using the sounds in my synthesizer to record audio data for some reason I can hear drum sounds from addictive drums as I hit the keys. Ive tried selecting a different track so addictive drums inst being triggered but to no avail. I can hear both the synthesizer audio data accompanied by the drum sounds. I cant seem to figure that out yet. (Second question) , I will mute the drums so I don't hear any drum sounds. This way I can hear the audio data from my synth without hearing the drums played over it. However, Ive noticed that after I lay down some tracks on a separate audio track with my synth and listen back to the mix, the Kick in addictive drums is gone. Just the Kick and no other drum sounds. Ive tested this out and it happens every time. When I pull up addictive drums in piano roll view I still see the midi notation of the kick, However I don't hear any sound from those notations anymore. It is so odd and I cant wrap my head around this. If anyone can Help I will be so Grateful.
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