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  1. So I am needing to change the tempo of a song with audio, and want the audio tempo to change with the change in the tempo of the song. I know that in order to do this, I need to enter audio editing mode, which is typically accomplished with double-clicking the top of the audio clip or hitting Alt-4. For some reason, neither of these methods are opening up the audio editing window. I think that it must be a view that I have created that is the problem? Or maybe--real guesses here--if you use some FX or melodyne on an audio clip does that interfere with the audio window function? The only thing that happens when I hit Alt-4 is that the cursor turns into a scissors for a while, but no separate window opens. FYI, I have Sonar on 2 machines, and it works right on the other machine, i.e. I can double click on an audio clip or hit Alt-4 and the audio editing window shows up as expected. Any thoughts? Thanks!
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