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  1. sping

    Freeware Instruments Thread

    A good source for free synths is KVR OSC contest page. Long list of synths and the KVR forum thread have lot's of info for each. https://sites.google.com/site/kvrosc/
  2. sping

    Vember Audio Surge synthesizer

    There is a UI zoom work-around for surge in Cakewalk. Use any working zoom host (s.a. Savihost), zoom surge to what you like. Save as default zoom. Now, when you open surge in cakewalk, it's zoomed correct to that zoom.
  3. sping

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Yeah, no GUI have kept me away. Good idea using FX chains, they have a few I want to test, De-ess one of them. Btw I think they are all 64-bit now.
  4. sping

    Favorite Freeware FX Thread

    Yes, good list! I don't see GVST in the list: https://www.gvst.co.uk/ Soundhack http://www.soundhack.com/ have some special ones I don't use AirWindows, but they have plugs for everything : http://www.airwindows.com/
  5. sping

    Sought: good free drum samplers┬┐?

    I use Sitala, free and simple to use.
  6. sping

    Cleaning VST's

    I use Scook' s "VST Inventory Tool" to locate my VST's. I know he have linked to it here, but can't find it atm.
  7. sping

    Space In Mixes

    I'm sure you use SPAN. Using Ctrl + Mouse you can sweep and listen to freq's. Use wheel to change Q while sweeping.
  8. sping

    Left/Right brain perception

    Mid brain doing mid/side processing?
  9. sping

    Left/Right brain perception

    If you see a hand in OP picture, what brain is that?
  10. I reported this on the old forum, so just a reminder: When saving a track template, outputs and sends to sidechain fx are not saved. Old Sonar bug, same in v8.5. Tested on buses and tracks, sidechain is lost. Looking in the .cwx I see a plug->input 2 ref. so it may be a loading issue. Is nobody using track templates with side chaining? Still not fixed as of 2019.07/79
  11. sping

    Likes - Basic EDM music

    Thanks for comment! Valid points. I don't even hear the hi-hats, so I have to figure out some better way to mix drums. Now I know where to continue, many thanks.
  12. sping

    Likes - Basic EDM music

    Simple EDM all PC made. I play no instruments (have none), can't sing (have no mic), so this is all made ITB including PC generated voices for singing. And as I have 24/7 tinnitus, much of the mix is done visually. But I'm having fun
  13. sping

    Convolution Reverb?

    Still free: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MConvolutionEZ