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  1. I reported this on the old forum, so just a reminder: When saving a track template, outputs and sends to sidechain fx are not saved. Or am I doing something wrong this time?
  2. sping

    Likes - Basic EDM music

    Thanks for comment! Valid points. I don't even hear the hi-hats, so I have to figure out some better way to mix drums. Now I know where to continue, many thanks.
  3. sping

    Likes - Basic EDM music

    Simple EDM all PC made. I play no instruments (have none), can't sing (have no mic), so this is all made ITB including PC generated voices for singing. And as I have 24/7 tinnitus, much of the mix is done visually. But I'm having fun
  4. sping

    Convolution Reverb?

    Still free: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MConvolutionEZ