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  1. Any recommendations which small midi keyboard to purchase that works good with Cakewalk? Having big issues with AKAI APK mini, not knowing if theres problem with keyboard or with its compatibility with Cakewalk DAW... Thanks!
  2. I found out what the problem is... Morphit plugin for headphones leveling to zero freq's is on the master channel and it seems it cuts db's to -5... I thought this one shouldn't affect overall db image of the mix... Anyway, turning it off resolved export image db cut problem... Tnx for reply's folks!
  3. Hi folks! My WAV exports are perfectly cut in -5 db... Any idea why? Do i need to select/deselect something in export options? You can find attached photo of how WAV should look like db wise (3rd row), and how my WAV's look when imported in Audacity or any other sound managing app (1st & 2nd row)...
  4. Having MPK mini midi controller but cant make him work with any plugin... Cakewalk sees him, its selected as midi input in preferences, but i can't use him a s controller in any plugin (only computer keyboard works, but i don't want to play piano that way :P) Any idea why i'm having this issue?
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