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  1. Hi. I've Googled and searched here for the answer to a simple question. My time ruler in track view is set to bars, but there is a little pop-up box box that obscurces the bar that obscures the bar numbers and makes working difficult. It may be because the ruler is displaying very small. How to I make the time ruler bigger and also make this annoying pop-up box go away? Thanks
  2. Thanks guys. Cakewalk is great because there are multiple ways to do everything--different strokes! I found a different method that worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your help. Perhaps my adventures learning other DAW's have helped me with Cakewalk, but it is the easiest one to get into.....so far!
  3. I am trying to add a minimal amount of delay using the Cakewalk Echo Delay plugin to a Native Instrument piano-Grandeur. I have 2 echos and 7% delay. Minimal! Here's the steps I am using: Right click on top corner of midi cliip/select Process Effect/Midi Effects/Cakewalk Effects/Echo Delay The plug in control face pops up and I adjust the x/y settings to 2 echos & 7% delay. Hit Audition. Love the sound. Hit OK. Play back and hate the sound. Check the settings 2 echos and 85% delay. What am I doing wrong. Also I've noticed folks including their set-up details at the bottom of their posts. I've put my set up on this post, but how is that done as part of my message template? Couldn't find anything in my account. Windows 10, Dell i7, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, M-Audio Hammer88 Pro, Native Instruments, Spitfire Audio and various other instrument and effects plugins.
  4. Dan Patterson

    Fades don't work

    Thanks a TON! I had the same problem. Watched 6 vids, read the documentation. No mention of audio only.
  5. Please ignore my previous post. Found the answers on another thread and deleted all sustain events using Event View and Staff View.
  6. Thank you. I test drove the staff view method and also used the events list and deleted all the sustain events. As I learn to play my M-Audio Hammer88 Pro, I will have to be mindful about sustain pedal usage. I recorded the piano track as the bed for Elton John's "Levon" and I am sure as I add other instruments and effects the sustain will probably not be necessary. Bad accoustic piano player habit. The great thing about recording is there is no place to hide and identifying opportunities to improve performance are there for the taking! So far I am loving Cakewalk. Way more functionality than I expected. Easy to set up and so far very easy to learn enough to get started. Just wish I had found this in 2020 when I started recording stuff!
  7. I am having the same issue with too much sustain and the sustain carrying over into other notes. I other DAWS I was able to edit the the levels and duration by clicking on the vertical and horizontal lines exactly the way the video above indicates. Cakewalk doesn't seem to offer this option. I've attached a screen shot and you can see where I manually changed the sustain values in the events list so each event is not 0 or 12, but this is frankly a stupid way to edit because I could just play the track a lot faster. I probably will record the track again at this point and be more mindful of the sustain pedal, but I'd like to know if Cakewalk offers the type of edit function in the video above. Thanks
  8. Hi, I am new to Cakewalk but am really enjoying it. Quick set up and I've been recording from day 1. Just completed a piano track and many of the sustain events are at 127. The only way I can find to edit sustain events (64), is by adjusting the level in Event View. This will probably take me 2 weeks and is what my dad used to call "picking fly shit out of pepper". I'm hoping I am missing something. I tried clicking on the sustain level line, to create breaks like automation but no luck. There doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the shapes or draw new ones. In some cases the level is not my issue. I held the sustain too long and I just want to pull the box back. I searched and couldn't find anything that works for me except the Event List. Thanks
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