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  1. Hi Simon, Yes, I was using the JRR pricing. Still wondering about the RX8 Wow/Flutter cleaner vs Celemony Capstan product comparison. That is quite a price difference ($4500 vs. $250) and as usual, the price will drop even more with BF sales. Take care, b
  2. This is probably corner case for those restoring old tape recordings, but I wonder how the new wow and flutter cleaning feature in RX8 ($250 upgrade from RX Advanced 7) compares to Celemony's Capstan ($4500)?
  3. Well another DAW? Perhaps Behringer may be looking to imitate the Presonus model. Presous has developed a HW/SW ecosystem where you live pretty comfortable whether you are doing touring doing PA work, studio recording, or just getting started. With most HW, Presonus gives you a free copy of Studio One (DAW) so they can start you (and hopefully) keep you within their ecosystem. You also don't have to depend on an emulation like Mackie/HUI to "almost" talk to everything. Behringer has developed a pretty extensive product line as well and it "sort of works" with most DAWs but they don't have as tight integration with any particular DAW (as Presonus does with Studio One). Since Behringer also owns Midas, with all of that HW, they may be wanting to create a better HW/SW solution - and a homegrown DAW may be part of that solution. Not aware of any "Pro" DAWs that are "free" since there is a lot of cost involving development/maintenance/support/updates so it will be interesting to see where it goes....maybe a limited light version with a "upgrade path" sort of like Presonus (or Pro Tools for that matter). Might be fun to start a pool to see what it will be called - ULIDAW, EURODAW, TRIBEDAW, LOOKLIKEANOTHERDAW .... ...just another $.02....
  4. My bet is that they teamed up with Paul Purdhomme for some new cajun recipes for the back of the manuals - about time they updated those...
  5. Thanks for the feedback Hidden Symmetry. The server aspect of VEP sounds interesting for large mix downs for plug ins that take a bunch of CPU attention (as you said reverb). I have the version of Melodyne that lets you work multiple channels simultaneously and am thinking a VEP server will not work in that situation (or be difficult to set up). However, you can work on single channels, so it should work that way (Vocalign is single channel too). I also have iZotope RX which is very CPU intensive when processing larger files and a VEP server should help with that. I did pick up VEP with the latest offer Vienna Instruments made for VEP 7 and Epic Orchestra (plus I picked up the license key) and now I am looking at building a server - so it will be a while before I get up and running with it. My existing DAW machine still runs well (Intel i7 3.8G 32G RAM / Studio One Pro 4) but I like to explore and push some limits with new technologies.
  6. Hi, Since there are some VEP users here I was curious about a couple of uses: Has anyone tried using it with pitch correction tools like Melodyne or Vocalign? What about other plugins (Waves, Fab Filter, Izotope)? From what I have gathered with VEP, the setup for these would be pretty tedious since you would have to set up audio paths to/from the VEP server, but I was wondering if it would take some workload off of the DAW. Thanks for any thoughts, h
  7. Even more WOW: Audio Deluxe still has a WINTER2018 coupon that takes $45 off of Gold making it basically $154! h
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