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  1. I would suggest creating your own metronome track. I have created a set of clips at various time signatures for this very reason. It's a bit tedious, but it gives me the flexibility I want. Kind regards, tecknot
  2. Thanks, Jesse. Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  3. Actually, I use both Step Sequencer (SS) and the Matrix View (MV) for this very purpose. You can create MIDI loops of kick drum hits, snare, hi-hat and load them into separate MV cells within a single column. Play the entire column at once for a drum beat (all routed to a drum machine VSTi track). You can also load another column with a drum fills to switch between the two columns. And, if you have a controller, you can set MIDI learn to trigger the individual cells or columns. Check it out...it is a lot of fun to use. Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  4. I must admit, I've been known to make some bad sounding audio with nothing more than a guitar and my own voice. If not for the few lucky moments I might make a couple of notes sound okay, you would think I should quite while I'm ahead. Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  5. Getting deeper into the game, you may be interested to know of the new MIDI specification to be released in the near future (I hope). https://www.midi.org/articles-old/the-midi-manufacturers-association-mma-and-the-association-of-music-electronics-industry-amei-announce-midi-2-0tm-prototyping Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  6. Awesome! Thanks, Noel. Looking forward to it. Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  7. Not a bad idea. I should try this with the next fix for the IKmm stuff. Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  8. The difference seems to be that there is no separate option to install after download which would afford us the time to copy the download file prior to choosing to install the update. So, as you suggested, we will now have to uninstall CbB prior to obtaining the up-to-date version. Why doesn't BandLab just make the (or all) downloads available as many users have requested? Meng, Noel? Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
  9. Meng, Noel, Jesse, Did Cakewalk change their installation process or can we find the update file somewhere else? Kind regards, Living Room Rocker
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