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  1. Indeed it's vendor's responsibility, and I've reported the issue. I am running a first gen Scarlett 18i6 with the latest drivers and so far these have been my first BSODs on this build and with that interface since I got it. As for the latest update, I did get prompted to pick a driver on startup and I did had CbB previously installed on my system.
  2. When I installed the new update it was working fine until I noticed that the driver was switched to FL Studio ASIO. It is when I switched back to Focusrite ASIO that I started to have all those crackles/distortion. I switched between drivers just to see if that will make any change. I usually work with the Focusrite ASIO and only switch to FL Studio ASIO driver if I want to record with OBS, somehow that is the only driver I can get to work with OBS. 🤨 And to answer your first question, I changed the buffer size via Focusrite software, not the new latency slider. But I will try the new slider, tbh I did not even knew that was a new addition in the preferences. 😶 EDIT: I tinkered with the new latency slider and it works like it should. What I did notice are 3 BSOD due to the Focusrite driver. When I try to change the buffer size to 16, no matter if it's via the Scarlett MixControl or the latency slider, I got stopcode: BAD_POOL_CALLER. I guess it's time to report the crash to the Focusrite guys. Thanks for the help Noel!
  3. Finally found out the problem on my system. I installed the hotfix but same thing happened. Actually Cakewalk crashed after every single click on Apply when I tried to switch between Focusrite ASIO/FL Studio ASIO and WASAPI. I had 2 system crashes which is something that never happened on this system. Either way, buffer size on the scarlett asio panel was set in some odd 248 and when I switched back to 256, it works like a charm. Thanks for fast hotfix guys
  4. This helped, sort of. I followed the steps and it worked, I don't have any more crackles/pops/distortions/etc. but when I opened the Preference menu for Audio I saw that it only switched to the FL Studio ASIO driver, and when I revert back to the Focusrite ASIO driver, the same problem came back. I never had any issue with any of the drivers until this update.
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