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  1. I bought this plugin for €40 to support the devs to develop it further ... I followed their FB Page for a long time. I remember how it was advertised as a Serum alternative sort of. I remember how they said multiple times they had to slowly raise the price of the plugin, because other devs were pissed at them for offering it too low in the market. They also did some sale slogans like: ' Last chance to buy Vaporizer2, before we are going to raise the price! ' Eventually the price became around €60. It's weird to see it's FREE now and open source on GitHub.
  2. I knew this would happen. It was freaking illegal by LAW to take away people their bought licenses, for not registering it by a certain date. Or to take away ''WUP'' when customers also bought extra licenses because of ''WUP''. And then introduce ''Subscription-Only'' and sell ''Perpetual licenses'' till the last date still without any warning. I have emailed Waves multiple times to let them know, i wanted a refund for all my bought products if this was really happening. I did not agree on ANY of this, on the dates when i bought their products. There was no warning or any notification. Luckely customers are protected by LAW for these cases/scams, when companies change agreements/policies afterhands. I know from my other topic that Fleer and i , and some others gave away some free licenses away on the forum. Well, i Hope someone has fun with it now
  3. Nothing seems lost. I came across this on the Waves website under ''Contact Us'' :
  4. Soon we'll be flooded with ''Sponsorshipped Youtubers'' ....... Praising the hell out of this drake of a Subscription...... To tells us this is the future, how it's pushing the boundaries, and helps us all going forward...... STEP UP YOUR GAME.... THIS IS THE FUTURE....THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE.... YOU CAN FINALLY BE THE MUSICIAN YOU'LL ALWAYS WANTED TO BE...... IT'S FINALLY HERE!
  5. You'll pay money for owning NOTHING..... MUAHAHAHAHAHA (Evil laughter)
  6. Exactly. Monday is indeed on 27th. Must be a mistake. The date 26th has mentioned multiple times. So today must be the last day we can register serials. 25th (what 3rd party resellers) mention, must be their own last date they would be selling Waves plugins. This is what Resellers are currently still selling: Sweetwater: Everything from Waves Audio Deluxe: Waves Musicians 2 Bundle PluginDiscounts: Everything from Waves EveryPlugin: eMotion LV1 Live Mixer & SuperRack
  7. Yes, that was the email from a 3rd party reseller. This one was from Waves:
  8. So maintenance it is.... But we should be able to register serial numbers at least until today....
  9. Here is a serial for Codex Wavetable Synth: "349F53A578FF40088914E001C5FB7AAA" Please let it know if you registered it.
  10. I can't imagine those 3rd party resellers are spreading disinformation. There must have been communication between Waves and Resellers. It all began (over a month ago) when Waves sended out a very vaque newsletter to their subscribers about ''Changing our License System''. Whatever that means.... Waves had plenty of time to make it clear... But they chose to remain completely silent about it. There is nothing to find about this on their Website, Terms and Conditions, or in their FAQ. At some point it is even questionable, whether it is legal to ''disable'' licenses that are bought. Why should i buy/use any of their products again if they are silent about such important matters to their customers? I don't do subscriptions. Period. Enough alternatives.
  11. I have recieved the following email from PluginDiscounts: A quick message regarding changes happening at Waves: Waves Discontinues Perpetual Licenses On March 26th, Waves will discontinue the option to purchase perpetual plugin and/or bundle licenses, and Waves Update Plan renewals. If you have purchased a Waves product from us - Please be sure to register it no later than March 25th (tomorrow). There will be no refunds on unused codes, and they will not work after the 25th. Perpetual licenses will continue to work in Waves accounts. You will be able to continue to use them indefinitely. After 3/25, you will not be able to buy new Waves perpetual licenses, upgrades or extend WUP. We still have perpetual licenses for all Waves products and discounted WUP. You can shop Waves perpetual plugins and bundles here while they’re still available. You can request your discounted WUP pricing on our site here. We will stop offering discounted WUP around 1pm east coast time on Saturday. It seems that Waves will discontinue the option for Perpetual Licenses, upgrades or extend WUP After March 25th.
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