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  1. thanks again, I looked at the sonitis file I downloaded, and it is a CWB file, not dll will that work?
  2. thanks for all the input. I think there was no flange in cakewalk either, but I will check again. Also thanks for the info on how to install, I found my original manual, and it doesn't say anywhere in there how to do it. I also downloaded a couple of phone apps that do the auto tune effect perfect, I am going to play around with those as well, then just import the audio into sonar.
  3. thanks for the reply, but as I stated above I'm not looking to upgrade now...and I already have the Sonitus plugin ...again I'm not sure how to install it, which I was also asking about. If you could tell me how to even istall it that would be helpful...thanks
  4. Sonar Home Studio 7 Cakewalk I was looking for an auto tune effect, not to pitch correct but to add that flangy sound to a vox track I thought I could just do it with a flange effect, but I cannot access the default flange in Sonar 7. the flange shows in menu, but no window pops up, the effects below the line work correctly, when you click on it a pop up window comes out, but not the upper options. So my question is two-fold Is there an auto tune plug in for Sonar? Any Idea why the default flange is not working properly? I looked in the FX manager and they don't show up there, are they not installed? If so can I install them? I downloaded Sonitius which includes a flange, how do I install this or other plugins/fx to sonar? I am adding a couple of screen shots thanks in advance p.s. I have no plans of updating at this time, just trying to make what I have work.
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