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  1. Hi Mark, I appreciate the response. It's nice to know that will work if I have no other option. However, I had hoped to open the projects just as they were, legacy 32 bit plugins and all. By the way, by "latest cakewalk," do you mean cakewalk by bandlab, or the most recent sonar before bandlab?
  2. Hello everyone. Back in the day I did a lot of recording and mixing on Sonar 6 LE. I want install it again so I can access my old projects. I still have the disc, the installation went perfectly, and it ran beautifully during the trial period. The problem is, now I can't activate it. When I try, I am told to make a new cakewalk account. But it looks like I'm unable to do that (since the new account dialog page is always missing). This was a free DAW to begin with. All I really want is an activation code so I can use it again. I would appreciate any suggestions! Thanks.
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