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  1. I pinned that comment and I'll mention that in the upcoming video. Thanks for that one!
  2. A competent rendition; I was curious how you'd manage to get the vibe and most of the vocals, but you did an admirable job. Mix was pleasant to listen to as well. Nice work.
  3. I enjoyed the piece. Nice work!
  4. I don't have BFD3 so I can't do it myself to test. But I would, before anything else, to double check the routing. You've set up a really complicated routing system, so let's go back to Step 1. And then let's go through this checklist: When you create a multiple-output routing of BFD3 to Sonar, do all of the instruments work? If all of the instruments play through separate channels with an initial multi-out, if you solo the snare, does it play? If no, something is wrong with the output routing settings. If yes, Does drum kit bleed sound through the solo'd snare track? Disable bleed in the BFD3 instrument if you'd like. Create Snare Bus. Route BFD3 Snare to Snare Bus. Solo bus - do you hear the same exact audio that you did with initial routing? Create Drum Submix bus. Route drum channels to drum submix bus. I also wouldn't bother "thinking ahead" and creating FX Sends for reverbs or anything right now, first thing is to ensure the instrument loads and works properly with the routing system. Try that and let us know.
  5. That sounds like normal drum bleed... is there an option in the instrument plugin itself to disable bleed?
  6. Or editing drums should just work without having to dodge and weave to find ways to make it work. I use manual slip editing. Go ahead and try it and report back to me.
  7. Oh man, this is a very famous and well known problem that goes back years and years. They know about it. But there isn't an easy solution and the only way to fix it is to re-code from the ground up. You can get away editing multi-tracked drums if they are about 3 minutes in length and played by Phil Rudd of AC/DC. Anything more complicated is a huge, huge pain. I imagine it will get fixed, but not anytime soon.
  8. Using sites like Lynda, etc., to orientate yourself on price is not a good idea. Those sites completely rip off the content creator. I did content for Udemy and for the amount of hours I put into the content, did not see a very good return. Udemy made a few thousand dollars off me, however. I have worked with a lot of plugin companies doing video reviews and none of them have had any issues with my presentation or my style. I don't swear and I'm not vulgar. I also did official reviews and videos for Cakewalk Sonar under Gibson. My experience is people care about results and what can help them. I have a good tracking of providing results and helping people. $25 is not going to happen. That's just silly. I also know I could fill a hole in the market, which is why I'm considering doing it. I've been trying to contact Bandlab as well to see if this could become an official sanctioned thing. Using mostly stock plugins was the plan for sure. I would still use premium stuff for my Submix/Master chain, but most processing work can be accomplished with stock stuff. Even the dinosaur Sonitus plugins.
  9. What are you sending here? These are FX sends, and what I see is you may be trying to use them as sends to busses. The only routing you need to do is below in the channel strip where it says "Output", where you already have everything correctly routed. I would disable these and see what happens.
  10. Hey there, Your points for #1 wouldn't be a problem and would be showcased in a real-time mix of a song. Points for #2 are where things get iffy. For one, Cakewalk will struggle with multi-tracked drums, however, I doubt highly most people are using Cakewalk to track multi-track drums. But editing the other instruments could be shown, I suppose. #3, sure. But most of that stuff isn't going to be free. I'm not feeling very nostalgic, haha, I've totally converted to Cubase but I can't deny that I still get tons of questions, comments, and emails about using Cakewalk.
  11. Hey there, Could you show several screenshots of your routing? BFD --> Snare --> Snare --> Master. etc. I'm not immediately sure why it's not working.
  12. Welcome to the crazy world of mixing music, where every plugin company says that with just $47, you will sound like the pros. Save your money. I've got some questions for you. What kind of music are you working on? What type of productions do you like the most? Who is your favorite producer/mixer? What album do you really like the sound of and why? Mixing a very subjective process. There are "good" and "bad" mixes in the objective sense when we talk about kick and bass balance, but that is also genre specific. My advice would be to answer those questions for yourself, and then reverse-engineer it with questions like: How did the producer get the kick drum/bass relationship right? How did the producer ensure there was room for the vocals but the guitars still sound huge? What kind of effects are being used on vocals? Lots of compression or not really? Really loud? (Like -4RMS?) Find videos (if there are any) about your favorite productions and how they were produced. If you can't find any, find videos with like sounding results and learn the process of how it was made. You are making the mistake that all people make when they first start, in that you believe it's simply a matter of numbers and presets. If I just do X by -3dB and load Preset 345, everything is going to be great. It's just not like that - music is a living and breathing entity and you can record the same guitar riff 5 times and you will have 5 completely unique files that, depending on how well (or not so well) the performance was, could call for totally different processing needs. I wish I, and all of us here, could just give you a simple answer that was like, "Yeah, go buy Joe Blow's "24 hours to not sucking at mixing" for $19.99 and you'll be all set." If you're recording rock, check out Graham from Recording Revolution. He does great content about getting started with mixing and is solidly in the rock/contemporary rock genres. If you're recording metal, you can watch my videos. I have a full A-to-Z mixing series where you can also download the stems and follow along. If you're recording jazz or other genres, I have no idea because I don't pay attention to it. Anyway man... take it slow, baby steps, just don't give up.
  13. The Mansoor plugin is terrible. The Joel Wanasek bus glue plugins are 100% legit and, in my opinion, are better than Joey's. If you can only get one bus glue plugin, get the Mix one and you'll be able to replace your entire Submix chain with that one plugin.
  14. Thanks for your feedback. I still need to do some testing, because there are still some things that are just not feasible in Cakewalk yet at a professional level, but I think for 95% of people's needs, Cakewalk would do what people are looking for. I definitely would use stock plugins and mostly free stuff. The basic idea was to take a more-or-less comprehensive song that would showcase most of the needed functions and how to use them; as well as some one-off videos. I always think people learn better in context rather than just having a dozen disconnected videos.
  15. I have played around with CbB since the update and I'm happy to see the plugin issue was fixed, as well as a whole host of other bugs and issues. I may need to continue these tutorials when I have time. Just a shot in the dark, if I put together a comprehensive video tutorial series recording a song with free plugins and instruments and charged for it, what would you guys be willing to pay and what would you expect to see in it?
  16. Every year for Halloween, I do a number of $100 mixes for metal bands. If that's you, let me know. There are a few spots left. Message me via my contact form and submit your song. Submit here.
  17. Happy you grabbed it on Udemy. That course isn't available anymore and what I'm offering now is much more detailed with a lot more examples and has about 2 times more video instruction. I might be opening registration again in January/February 2020. Not sure yet.
  18. It's definitely not moonieware because Reaper isn't perfect. The userbase has created scripts and such to help deal with silly things like a confusing menu system. The Reaper Better Menu Set is a required addition before anybody gets started, in my opinion. Right now the entire Reaper community is pissed off because the new default Reaper 6 theme isn't professional enough in their opinions. CbB is in direct competition with Reaper because a lot of people erroneously believe that Reaper is free and therefore when people say Reaper does such-and-such better, it's something to take heed. Reaper does do a lot of things better. And faster. Being that tons of people do not pay for Reaper and use it for free - I'd say it makes a lot of sense to listen very closely what people say about Reaper. Make a video being critical about Cakewalk and see what happens. You'll find a rabid userbase coming out of the woodwork to misrepresent you and find any reason to slag off your criticisms. To think that Cakewalkers don't drink the kool-aid here is simply naive. The only good thing I can say about this is that in the new forum, a lot of the old elitist party-poopers are not here to jump in and stoke the flames.
  19. I didn't get drunk, you moron. Care to misrepresent me again? Go on.
  20. Yeah these are cool. Great plugins to throw into a session and track with. Dominator and Grind Machine II are personal favorites!
  21. I can make a video or a live stream on my channel if I want. Nobody forces you to watch it. (Or comment on it for that matter.) You're completely wrong. I have full rights to say whatever I want on my channel regardless of what you think or feel about it or what you think I "should have" done. Why do you care so much? If you don't get the point, then why are you here? No sense getting mad John. You've got people using words they "choose" to interpret meaning something else, other people just telling me to "go away" because they don't like my thoughts, with everybody else saying their version of "you should have just done A, B, C." It's the Internet and all the Navy Seal badasses come out of the woodwork in their own Secret King ways. Regarding the video, that's all hindsight 20/20, but the fact remains that I made the video on my channel because they were my thoughts and my opinion. I'm fully entitled to that. Further, I did that because I knew how the old Cakewalk forum behaved and I expected certain backlash and behavior from the community. As you can see for yourself, I was spot on. Or just don't look at it. Are you really so helpless that an Admin should save you from yourself?
  22. Had forgotten all about that. That's what happens when the fame isn't organic, which is why a lot of the pop artists today are forgettable. Major advertisement pushes with cash-grab merchandise and then moving on to the next one.
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