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    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    It's definitely not moonieware because Reaper isn't perfect. The userbase has created scripts and such to help deal with silly things like a confusing menu system. The Reaper Better Menu Set is a required addition before anybody gets started, in my opinion. Right now the entire Reaper community is pissed off because the new default Reaper 6 theme isn't professional enough in their opinions. CbB is in direct competition with Reaper because a lot of people erroneously believe that Reaper is free and therefore when people say Reaper does such-and-such better, it's something to take heed. Reaper does do a lot of things better. And faster. Being that tons of people do not pay for Reaper and use it for free - I'd say it makes a lot of sense to listen very closely what people say about Reaper. Make a video being critical about Cakewalk and see what happens. You'll find a rabid userbase coming out of the woodwork to misrepresent you and find any reason to slag off your criticisms. To think that Cakewalkers don't drink the kool-aid here is simply naive. The only good thing I can say about this is that in the new forum, a lot of the old elitist party-poopers are not here to jump in and stoke the flames.
  2. Hello, Edit: 23 March 2019 I decided it could be helpful to include a list of upcoming tutorial videos and their links. The video below is the first video in the playlist, but if you are interested in a specific topic, check the following list for quick navigation. If there is no link for it yet, it means I haven't uploaded it. I can take requests, but keep in mind that I run another business on top of my actual Chernobyl Studios audio work, so if I like the idea, it'll get put on the list and I'll get to it when I get to it. Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #00 - What is Cakewalk by Bandlab? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #01 - Skylight Interface Introduction Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #02 - The Control Bar Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #03 - The Inspector Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #04 - The Browser Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #05 - The MultiDock Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #06 - The ProChannel Strip Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #07 - The Console View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #08 - The Piano Roll View Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #09 - The Track & Clips Pane Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #10 - Lenses & Screensets | What's the difference? Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #11 - Set Up Guitars for Recording Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #12 - Multiple Output Routing Instruments | Perfect Drums 1.5, Kontakt (Newest, Uploaded 05 April) Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #13 - Organization & Color Coding Your Tracks Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #14 - Customizing Your Layout & Settings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #15 - The Zoom Tool Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #16 - MIDI Drum Velocity Editing | Making Drums Sound Real Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #17 - FX Chains | Building, Saving, and Recalling FX Chains Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #18 - Drum Maps | How to create, save, and use Drum Maps Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #19 - Automation Lanes Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #20 - Shortcuts & Setting Custom Key Bindings Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial #21 - Bounce to Clip, Bounce to Track, Freeze Track Original Post: Many of you will probably remember me. I have a channel on YouTube that I created many years ago for creating Cakewalk SONAR Platinum tutorials. I constantly get questions, comments, and requests on those old videos I did years ago. I'm updating all of the Cakewalk videos I did for SONAR Platinum to Cakewalk by Bandlab. There are three videos currently online, with 4 more already scheduled to come out this week. Please share this playlist with anybody who is getting started with Cakewalk by Bandlab. I am starting from the very basics and will work all the way through mixing an entire song. It will take a few weeks, but it will be worth it. 😎
  3. I didn't get drunk, you moron. Care to misrepresent me again? Go on.
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    Audio Assault Dominator $5

    Yeah these are cool. Great plugins to throw into a session and track with. Dominator and Grind Machine II are personal favorites!
  5. I can make a video or a live stream on my channel if I want. Nobody forces you to watch it. (Or comment on it for that matter.) You're completely wrong. I have full rights to say whatever I want on my channel regardless of what you think or feel about it or what you think I "should have" done. Why do you care so much? If you don't get the point, then why are you here? No sense getting mad John. You've got people using words they "choose" to interpret meaning something else, other people just telling me to "go away" because they don't like my thoughts, with everybody else saying their version of "you should have just done A, B, C." It's the Internet and all the Navy Seal badasses come out of the woodwork in their own Secret King ways. Regarding the video, that's all hindsight 20/20, but the fact remains that I made the video on my channel because they were my thoughts and my opinion. I'm fully entitled to that. Further, I did that because I knew how the old Cakewalk forum behaved and I expected certain backlash and behavior from the community. As you can see for yourself, I was spot on. Or just don't look at it. Are you really so helpless that an Admin should save you from yourself?
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    Faking your way to fame

    Had forgotten all about that. That's what happens when the fame isn't organic, which is why a lot of the pop artists today are forgettable. Major advertisement pushes with cash-grab merchandise and then moving on to the next one.
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    Porn Shop

    Well played.
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    [UPDATED 05 APRIL] Chernobyl Studios - Cakewalk by Bandlab Tutorial Series

    These are the original videos I mentioned that I would finish because they are just tips and tricks videos for the program in general. I think they're still useful and for new users would be really helpful. 👍 Thanks for watching!
  9. You knowingly misrepresented my video as a rant and then placed fault on me for making a video on my own channel. You're not fooling anybody with your fake concern for wanting to help me.
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    MIDI velocity the same in PRV

    There is an easier way. Just use MIDI plugins.
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    Snap problems in PRV

    There are the global snap settings and then the PRV snap settings. Make sure your settings match this screenshot:
  12. A rant would be a person screaming in angry passion about arguments that are not fueled by facts. What I presented in my video were clearly facts, and I expressed my disappointment and displeasure. Nobody cares about the problem you had with it. It's not about you. It's about Cakewalk not working. I'm also not to blame for anything and it's moronic that you'd even think I should be at all. Absurd. I don't foresee this happening. Cakewalk is a free product and it's not immediately clear what their money-strategy is going to be. Bugs should be fixed by priority, especially by severity. However, I have a lot more experience than you and a better understanding of critical problems with the DAW. I would never listen to somebody who doesn't know what they are talking about with Electricity, but I would very seriously consider the opinion of a professional Electrician with experience. You forget also that I have many years of making Cakewalk videos. I have solved dozens of problems myself with users who have contacted me directly with the feedback being very often that I was faster, more helpful, and solved their problem faster than official Cakewalk support. At this point, my name and my channel are synonymous with Cakewalk. If I'm to be an ambassador of this program and take part in deep bug crushing and such, I think it's quite logical that I deserve compensation. That said, when major Cakewalk updates have surfaced that deal with the problems that have plagued the program for years (and now these new issues), I will be the first one to try Cakewalk because it's my first love. My passion for this DAW is such that my criticisms are just as strong as my praise.
  13. You are smart enough - just Reaper was programmed by an engineer. Cakewalk can be installed and more or less understood right away due to the interface but it's equally as jarring for inexperienced folks who see all these modules, etc. It just takes time to get use to it. Although with Reaper it'd be better if things like the Better Menu Set, etc, were automatically installed and things like that. Otherwise you can make Reaper look and function pretty much just like Cakewalk.
  14. ChernobylStudios

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    So edgy. I'm making videos on my YouTube channel for people who have been requesting that I do so since the day Bandlab took over. I bring actual content and value. That content and value also comes with criticism. I'll be happy when I don't have to suffer moronic comments such as yours when my tutorials are finished.
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    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    I have a Studio One 3.5 license, so yes I have. It's always nice to find out who the Gammas here are. I didn't say the interface was perfect or that it worked well , but that it was a vast organizational improvement over window-on-top-of-window as it had been. Everybody knows X1 was a bug filled mess and it was the beginning of the end.
  16. ChernobylStudios

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    Oh! I stand corrected then. I thought the more robust docking/hiding features of Studio One showed up later on. My mistake.
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    Massive Metal Mixing Tutorial Series [Cancelled]

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    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    As I mentioned, Cakewalk was losing the market because it was windows only and the bugs. I do not recall people saying that SONAR didn't have enough features or that they did not innovate. I mean, the X1 Skylight Interface was directly lifted and implemented into Studio One for example. I do have to say that to this day I reach for the Sonitus Delay plugin over just about every other delay I've tried. I haven't tried the soundtoys stuff but until that happens I'm quite happy with Sonitus Delay.
  19. ChernobylStudios

    Is Cakewalk gaining users/popularity with Bandlab?

    Cakewalk was losing out on the market for a few reasons but the main reasons were probably it being windows only and the long outstanding bugs. DAWS like Reaper and Studio One have been able to come up on the scene in the last 10 years and blow Cakewalk out of the water because they can side-step the legacy code, see what has worked for Cakewalk, Pro Tools, etc., and use that as a starting point. (Studio One has a nearly identical modular interface, for example.) The rise in popularity of Cakewalk is a result of it being free, which is fine. You can still get a lot done with Cakewalk and because you don't have to spend money on the DAW itself; you can buy some essential plugins such as the Waves Gold bundle, or the Slate Everything Bundle, and get to work.
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    Headphone suggestions please

    Just the headphones? They should come in a box with an adapter, a short cable, a long cable, and a coiled cable. If you have an audio interface already you'll be fine. Also the headphones don't need to be driven by anything else, you can plug them into your smartphone or whatever - no issues.
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    Headphone suggestions please

    Under $200? Audio Technica ATH-M50x.
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    Best WAVES Plugins (In My Opinion) to Buy Now

    Recently, Waves has been forced to adopt a more consumer-friendly approach to their plugins. (Most likely due in large part to the overwhelming success of the Slate Everything Bundle.) There are a lot of Waves plugins now that are very affordable and on sale. I figured I'd recommend a few of them since there is a big sale right now. SSL-EChannel Strip Plugin: One of the best plugins ever for drums, guitars, bass.... basically just one of the best ever and at $29... pretty much a no brainer. (I paid hundreds for it years ago.) API 550 / API 560: These are my 'secret sauce' plugins for adding presence and bite to my guitars. I explained in detail how I use them in my Metal Amp Simulator course on Udemy. SSL G-Master Buss Compressor: SSL bus compression is very popular in the metal genre. You could use the FG-Grey as well, but you can't go wrong with the SSL Comp. C4 Multiband Compressor: One of the best multiband compressors out there for helping keep low-mids of guitars under control. Again, at $29, hard to argue against it. Finally, an honorable mention can go to the Q10 Paragraphic EQ - I use Fabfilter EQ now, but when I want to get a very narrow and tight bandwidth, I still find the Q10 to work brilliantly in that capacity.